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Cedar poses with her favorite photo

Bellydance in '70s Berkeley:

Cedar Sposato's Photo Archive

Original photos by Cedar Sposato, rescue and restoration by Lynette Harris
posted 4-11-07, reposted 10-30-10

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Linda was my housemate at the time. I was living in Berkeley, having graduated from the Syracuse University Art School, state of New York, in 1967. The lure of California counter culture pulled me to the West coast in 1968. I came across the country listening to Credence Clearwater Revival, Jim Morrison, and Inna Godda Davida by Iron Butterfly. I was trying to get a job in alternative television and ended up doing boring drafting work in San Francisco; then I finally moved to Berkeley.

In 1970, I came back from a trip back East to find I had new housemates, Linda and Mark. Luckily, we got along very well and soon were living with lots of cats and dogs. It was a very large household. Linda asked me to shoot some photos of her for a portfolio so she could get a job on a cruise line. This job never materialized because the cruise boat people decided she was too exotic looking for them! Eventually, she moved to the East coast and I lost contact with her.

Linda was a member of Masha Archer's troupe called, I think, The San Francisco Classical Dance Company. The troupe had a huge rehearsal space downstairs on Geary boulevard in San Francisco. For a while, I was their troupe photographer taking pictures of them on their gigs. I had learned photography at the Berkeley Adult School. These pictures where produced in a darkroom I built myself in a garage.


Gilded Serpent staff scanned and photographed Cedar's photographs that you see on this page. They were found in a seriously deteriorated state. They have since been laboursly restored to the condition you see here. Please do not steal these images. Contact the editor for more information.

Fat August Berkeley in 1973 or '74. This event was held at a large Spanish Mission style apartment complex, built in many levels on a hilltop. We danced in the apartment house courtyard. The"keyhole" pond shown below was also at this location. One of the musicians, Ron, was an underground comic book artist. Mark Wedder another musician was Linda's boyfriend.
Cedar Archives
?in front,Pepper/Alexandria is behind Cedar's beau, Crazy Dave is drumming
Cedar Archives
Cedar ArchivesCedar Archives
Cedar Archives
Linda dancing with Pepper behind, ? dancing in front
Cedar Archives
Pepper, Linda, Ingrid
Cedar ArchivesCedar Archives
Poets Coalition
Golden Gate Park in 1973 or '74
This is just an event with poetry reading. Part of the entertainment was Masha's troupe.
Cedar's Archives
Cedar's Archives

Masha Archer

Erotic Art Museum Opening 1973
The Erotic Art Museum was on Powell Street, near the art museum, on the cable car track, going up the hill past Union Square. Masha Archer's troupe danced for opening of paintings by an unknown artist. My housemate, Linda, flew to Europe and then to Morocco. She brought back suitcases full of beautiful old jewelry and coins. She drilled holes in the coins and sewed them onto her costumes.


Masha Archer
Cedar's ArchivesCedar's Archives
Cedar's ArchivesCedar's Archives
Sproul Plaza at University of California at Berkeley 1973.
Cedar's ArchivesCedar's Archives
Cedar's Archives
Cedar's ArchivesCedar's Archives
Cedar's Archives
Cedar's ArchivesCedar's Archives
Cedar's Archives
Cedar's ArchivesCedar's Archives
Malia's gang
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