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Belly Dancer of the Year Pageant 2007
Sunday Photos

Photos by Michael Baxter
Photo Prep by Michelle Joyce
May 27, 2007 Danville, California
produced by Leea

Saturday photos are here

of New York
wins 1st place!

of Seoul, Korea wins 1st runner up

Rachel George
of Portland, Oregon, wins 2nd runner up

South Lake Tahoe, CA , gets 3rd runner up

of Mountain View, CA, receives 4th runner up

of Oakland, CA

of Aptos, CA

of San Francisco, CA

of Vallejo

of Alameda, CA


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6-13-07 Belly Dancer of the Year Pageant 2007 Saturday Photos, Photos by Michael Baxter, Photo Prep by Michelle Joyce, May 26, 2007 Danville, California, Produced by Leea
Saturday's contest includes Troupes, Duo/Trios, Grand Dancer, and Preliminaries for Solo's, Sunday Finals Coming Soon

7-25-07 Tribute to Reema by Taaj
Hali said, “The day of the contest, backstage we could all just feel her. We were like, ‘This is for Reema! She’s here!”

7-17-07 Belly Dance, Through the Eye of the Camera by Ishtar
Males dominate photography and film industries in both the west and the east. As well as ideas concerning the status of the dancer and gender, films involving belly dancers can give us information on the class dynamic and stratification that exists.

7-16-07 Music Copyright Law for Belly Dancers (or for any Performing Artist) by Yasmin
From Hollywood blockbuster movies down to clips on YouTube the law is the same and it applies to anyone who uses someone else’s music for their own purposes.

7-13-07 Easter in Cairo by Peppina
She is so strong and powerful and beautiful and intense. Even the not-so-stylish costumes she used to wear didn't take anything away from her.

7-12-07 Belly Dance:Time for Personal Assessment or How old are your Shoes? by Tasha Banat
What do you personally want from the dance? In order to answer this honestly, you must make a personal assessment of your goals and include your achievements.

7-11-07 "Veiled Visions" How Belly Dance Music was First Brought to the United States by Ray Rashid, intro by Amina
One time he told me about a blind accordion player who sat and made lots of jokes while they rehearsed, that musician turned out to be Ammar el Sharie.


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