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The Gilded Serpent presents...
Photo Gallery of
“The Festival Fantasia 2002, A Rose Production”
Photography by Lynette Harris of Gilded Serpent
In Sebastopol, California, October 12th and 13th of this year, the Ninth Annual Festival Fantasia took place. This exciting festival is one of the Northern California area’s most eagerly anticipated events of the year and is produced by Ellen Cruz of Rose Productions. Ellen manages to design an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere each year, and this one was no exception! Gilded Serpent was pleased, not only to attend, but also to record some of the event’s fun moments and little happenings that you might have missed even if you had been present. If you were there, look and see if your face is among our photos! These random photos are of shoppers, vendors, musicians, dancers and their fans. We hope our Fantasia Gallery will give you some feeling of the atmosphere of this event. Please help us with adding the names under the photos by emailing us at

Cane dancer from Saba Banat

Guido Ricciadi is the standing drummer, Ellen Cruz on dumbek, Doug Adams on violin, Evan Morgan on oud , collectively form the world fusion band, Collage

Kim Ligocki from Saba Banat

Saba Banat

Kajira and troupe

Evan playing the oud for Kajira and her group

Kim Ligocki and beautious boxes

Hanan vending her assuit and other treasures

Izora vending

a Sonoma snake dancer, Karen Andes, and ?


shopper with bag of money ready to spend!

Susie and daughter bringin' in the cash!

Rachel Bochover

Ellen's booth

Zohra's daughter from Kabul Bazaar

Christina Sophia

The Mystery couple that nobody seems to know but we all see at many community events

Hanan read a prayer for peace
that was also being read today in Baghdad, Iraq, commemorating
Earth Day
click for sample

Marilyn Lane
of the Jewels of Cairo

Farasha of the Jewels of
(Thanks, Jennifer!)

Samra displays elegance

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12-8-02 Oriental Dance: Myth and Reality, The Harem Slaves By Jalilah Lorraine Chamas
To say so would be like saying that playing music, singing, and reciting poetry are also only the occupations of slaves.

11-17-02 Tease-O-Rama, A Weekend of Burlesque in Old North Beach by Susie, Lynette, Sierra
Curious to learn if women were drawn to stripping for some of the same reasons they are drawn to bellydance...

11-17-02 White Out Wedding by Sarah
"The first day I donned my giant, fluffy blue ballgown and tiara. A nice man named Bob let me play with his flame thrower. There never was a happier princess." Sarah finally goes to the Burning Man Festival

11-15-02 Dancing again in Afghanistan By Qan-Tuppim
As I had suspected, Afghan women belly dance.