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Gilded Serpent presents...
Report on the First International Bellydance Conference of Canada
Part 2 - Performances
Page 1- Thursday Main Stage

April 19, 2007 in Toronto, Ontario
Hungarian Canadian Cultural Center
Photos by Denise Marino

International and Canadian professional dance artists graced the stage for these high energy performances that were attended by all conference participants and the general public. The great caliber of performance was ensured by a selection process that invited artists to apply to perform. The final selection of Main Stage performers was made by a jury of professional bellydance artists from Toronto. - Jennifer, event coordinator of IBCC

Bellyqueen of New York City

Ranya of New York

Rachel Kay of Washington DC

Hannan Sultan of Ontario

Chellcy of Fringe Benefits from Illinois

Hiba of Ontario

Fringe Benefit

Elise Olmi of Quebec

Linda from Tennessee

Nath Keo of British Columbia

Serena and Nervine of Alberta

Saida of Poland

Shades of Araby from Ontario

IBCC dates for next year- April 23-27, 2008

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Ready for more?
5-18-07 A Report on the First International Bellydance Conference of Canada Part One- Lectures, Workshops, Panel Discussions by Diane Adams Photos by Lynette
April 18-22, 2007 Toronto, Ontario. Hosted by Yasmina Ramzy of Arabesque Academy in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this International Bellydance Conference of Canada, the first ever on the Canadian dance scene, proved to be one of the top dance experiences in this reviewer’s 30-year career.

8-1-07 The Summer School of Khaleegy Dance, Dance Style from the Saudi Arabian Penninsula, by Yasmina Ramzy
The “moral police”and hotel security watched every move I made. All my phone calls were monitored. I was not allowed to talk to or get into an elevator with an Arab man.

9-4-07 The Birth of a Dance Scene, The History of Oriental Dance in Switzerland by Meissoun
Please allow me to introduce some of these groundbreakers so that you will appreciate what it was like to be an Oriental dancer in Switzerland in the early 1980s.

8-29-07 The Devil's Details, Show Ethics for Professionals, Part 2- The Cross Cultural Factor by Yasmin
Warning. There is a great deal of passive aggressive face-saving behavior in this profession. It is not always woman friendly either. Respect is not a given...

8-26-07 The Dunes, Report on North African Fusion Band by Linda Grodahl
Tim Abdullah sings so soulfully, that even though the words are in a foreign language, you think you know what he is saying, and the other band members bring everything together for a joyful music experience.

8-23-07 Roots Raqs –An International Belly Dancer Goes Home to Macedonia by Paola
The musical folklore of this region deserves full debut in the World Music scene, and those of us in the MED community worldwide are ripe for the breath of fresh air that Chochek and Gypsy Brass Music can bring us. It is an original, organic and time-honored fusion, brought about by history, geography, and most importantly, tolerance and mutual cultural celebration.

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