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Gilded Serpent presents...

News & photos from all around our world!
April through December 2005
Send us yours!


Belly Dance Super Stars do Toys R Us!
with costumes by Dhyanis
Last year they were next door in San Rafael's Borders BookStore, this year its straight to the shelves!

Just kidding!
Though, BDSS will be on tour soon and will be having a workshop at Dhyanis's studio in San Rafael.


The San Diego Zoo's gorgeous Gilded Serpent!

A 10 foot Albino Burmese Python

Gregory Burke, Natasha Senkovich, and Amina Goodyear
Gregory and Amina are the co-director's of the Giza Awards
The Giza Academy Awards of Middle Eastern Dance Videos 2005 
The Winners are-

  • Best documentary- "The Bellydancers of Cairo," by Natasha Senkovich
  • Best Live Theatrical Performance- Beata & Horacio Cifuente's Oriental Dance Fantasy #12
  • Best Historical Documentary of a Troupe- Paulette Rees Denis & Gypsy Caravan's "Tribal Travels: a Collage"
  • Best Live Troupe Performance- John Compton & Hahbi'Ru, "Tradition, Legend and Folklore"
  • Dancer of the Year - The SuperStar - Dina,
  • Most Influencial Person in Middle Eastern Dance World- Raqia Hassan
  • Instructional: Veil-"Oriental Fantasy, Veil" Beata Cifuentes
  • Instructional: Lebanese Dance- "Raqs Sharqi, Lubnani" Meissoun
  • Instructional: Arms- "Dancers Arms" -Aruna

Maria dancing with the Arabic band, RedaRay. Reda singing, and Chakib on the keyboard at the Mercury Cafe in Denver, Colorado, on October 15th of this year.

11-25-05 Al-Anfoushi Egyptian Folkloric Troupe
at the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Saidi above and the Horse Dance below

Bay Area dancers turn out for the event- Debbie Lammam, Zelina, Lynette, Leyla Lanty, Masouma, Ghanima, in front- Amina, Laura, Linda, Malia

11-14-05 What's new?
A new video seen only by the Giza Academy Awards committee has them very excited. The documentary is "The Bellydancers of Cairo," by Natasha Senkovich. It has been submitted for inclusion in the 2005 Giza Awards of Middle Eastern Dance Videos. Sponsored into competition by Giza Club member Edwina Nearing, "The Bellydancers of Cairo" features performances and interviews with Dina, Nagwa Fuad, Lucy, Samasem, Nagwa Sultan, Aida Nour, Khayyreya Mazin, Katia and others.
The Giza Academy Awards, now in their ninth year, will present this year's selections on December 3, 2005, to Giza Club members and guests and interested members of the press. Apparently, as a bonus at the conclusion of the Awards, those in attendance will be treated to a premiere full viewing of one of the winning entries.

Club Excelsior, San Francisco, CA, 11-5-05
Andrea dances to George Lammam's band: (l-r)
Elias Lammam,
Georges Lammam,
Husain Resan (bass)
Faisal Zidan (muzhar -- you care barely see his face) Loay Dahbour,
Linda Grondahl (riqq)
Leyla Lanty (zigat)

Customer at left is Tawfiq Mafouz

Michelle performs to Light Rain including Doug Adams on violin,
Evan on oud- Mark Bell drumming and who is on finger cymbals? Photo by Michael Baxter

*UPDATES! 3rd place ties!
(thank you to Michael Baxter! Michael's photo spread of the event will be coming soon!)

Perisa -
The Dalles, OR
Jaleeah -
The Dalles, OR

Crystal Zarqa -
Petaluma, CA
Ayla -
Goldendale, WA

Winners of the
Annual North Valley
Belly Dance Competition
held on November 5, 2005
in Oroville, CA

Sponsored by Carolee & David Tamori

Live Music Solo

1st - Michelle, Oakland, CA
2nd - Jasmina, El Cajon, CA
3rd - Mozelle, Stockton, CA

1st - Sandra, Mountain View, CA
2nd - Ahava, Pleasanton, CA
3rd - Namira, South Lake Tahoe, CA

1st - Dance Journey, Catoti, CA
2nd - Desert Divas, The Dalles, OR
3rd - Aiwa She' Raqa, Medford, OR

1st - Mayette, Vallejo, CA
2nd - Samirah, Citrus Heights, CA
3rd - Crystal Zarqa, Petaluma, CA *

1st - Rayah, Cupertino, CA
2nd - Adrienne, Citrus Heights, CA
3rd - Jaleeah, The Dalles, OR *


"This is a picture of Kristina (me), Director of the MissiHIPPY Dancers, shaking things up at Aladdin's Mediterrean Grill in Jackson MS "

Reda Darwish (doumbec), Joe Lewis, and Doug Adamz (violin) inspire Amara Ravanna. We were at Tatseena's fantasy festival in San Leandro, CA, on October 9, 2005.Photos by Nancy Dunn.


"Wow! Doug & Reda! I'd never want to leave the stage!"

Pictured from L-R, top to bottom are: in white shirt-Kathleen Buesche, Jill Linderwell, Alnisa behind in glasses, in yellow shirt is Renee Benjamin, Victoria Briggs with hand up, in white tank is Carrie/Aleena, Terry in pink hip wrap, Anisa with red hair, Sema Yildiz with hand under chin, Jesslyn Hoeft, Irina Azarova in purple, white shirt- Judith Robertson, Andreanna in black camisole, very front- Angelika Nemeth in pale green unitard, Jessica Raefsky in tan shirt.

July 2005

Terri & Alnisa sent in this group photo from their trip to Turkey this last Summer. Date of trip 7/31/05-8/10/05

Hosted by Angelika Nemeth and Anisa of Sherman Oaks, Ca. "This trip was incredible! We were treated to classes with them as well as Sabuha of Germany and to the Great Sema Yildiz of Istanbul."



Oceana's Egyptian guide Emmad on a donkey by the Red Sea with tour participants, Sam and Eve on Keti's Egypt tour in September of 2005.

Winners & Participants of
Sirens In Sanity's Enchanted Camelot

held in Benicia, CA on Oct 1, 2005


pictured are:Salena, Dunia, Za-Mon

1st - Ahava
3rd-Flor De Luna

pictured are: Naima, Ayana, Ahava,
Flor De Luna, & Mielle

1st-Michelle Joyce

pictured are:
Andrea, Michelle, Ahava, Flor De Luna, Nashwa Alahm, Yolanda,

photos by Susie Poulelis
Princess Farhana performing her "Dorothy" routine at Bimbo's in Saturday night's (Oct1'05)Tease-o-rama show in San Francisco. Right, PF teaching a workshop "Belly Dance for Burlesque" on Sunday. GS staff had expected to see a bellydance show as mentioned in her recent article on GS. More reactions, questions, and photos to come.

October 2, 2005- San Anselmo, CA
Dhyanis, Aruna, David Ludwig and others pause before the judge's booth at the San Anselmo town parade today.


Kahlayna dances to the band in September 2005

Leo & Lana of Papa's Taverna in Petaluma.

Hurricane Katrina
Letters regarding Katrina here, Please send us more news as you recieve it!

List of Performers from Area possibly affected by Katrina
Debbie Byrd- Tupelo-"we're fine, we are out of the affected area."
Eve Maria Williams- Meridian
Gypsy Williams- Meridian
Jalilah Sahar-Gulfport
Kristina Kelly-Jackson----fine, short on gasoline
Xenia Hurrem- Bay St. Louis
Layla Isis -SAFE
Kruz- New Orleans
Belita Karima-Baton Rouge
Betty Karam-New Orleans OK
Charlie Pettus-Sunshine
Desert Dance Studio-Lafayette
Gretchen Kellett- New Orleans- OK
Iona (Kim Karnell)-New Orleans- OK
Kavita- Alexandria
Kaye "Nura" Buhler-Baton Rouge
Krys "Kryss" Statho-New Orleans
Maria Celado-New Orleans
Megha-New Orleans
Nisreen- Shreveport
N.O.Madic Tribal Dance Company- New Orleans
Oasis Studio-Lafayette, -OK
Meda members in Baton Rouge-
Terri McKinney-Carencro
Cathy Deloney-Dothan- fine, short on gasoline
Cheryl Pierce-Mobile
Jane McWilliams (Maresha)- Mobile,
Tahmina-Mobile, Alabama- Doing fine
Zuri in Mobile
Sisters of Salome- a few heard from- SAFE but homeless
Shamsi & Shelly


more photos of storm clouds

Fund raising efforts & a few resources
held for the victims of Katrina
--New York-September 18, 12n- 6 pm
Morocco's benefit HAFLA Sunday studio in NYC, 6 W 20th St, 2 fl
Sat, September 10th at 7 pm. Nashville Belly Dance Group Presents-
The FIRST in a series of Benefit Dance Concerts to help the survivors of Hurricane Katrina
Amerisuites Hotel, 330 E. Main Street
Hendersonville, TN
--Arkansas-October 8, 2005
Princess Farhana in workshops & show
Silent Auction 100% proceeds to benefit victims of Katrina! Fayetteville, Arkansas,
--Philadelphia-September 10th at 7:30pm at Jefferson Alumni Hall located at 10th/11th and Locust Streets in Center City .
To benefit people and animal victums.
--Georgia-Saturday, September 24th
A New U Studio presents Rockin' the Casbah for Katrina. Panther Creek Community Center
2285 Highway 16, Sargent .
Hurricane Hafli, 9/25
--Boston-area Sept. 25- Belly Dancers to hold Red Cross Benefit. Hurricane Hafli: Shimmy Down the Storm.
--Alabama- Oct 8 & 9 “THE BENEFIT”
Jamilla Rasa

Temporary housing

Winners of the Queen of Raks Sharki contest held during the Ahlan Cairo Nights workshop in Dallas on August 6, 2005.

The winner was Madrinah from Tampa, Florida. Second place: Viviane from College Station, Texas. Third place: Leyla Zahar, Puerto Rico.

Judges shown here are Mo Geddawi and Raqia Hassan

Thanks to Catherine Barros!

July 31, 2005
Gia al Qamar
posing with her new dance partner Reuben, who made an appearance (in her dance bag!) at a Belly Dance Benefit "Shimmy for The Cure" in Whippany New Jersey. The event was held to assist Mikele, a local dancer who needed to raise funds for her participation in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk-a-thon."

August, 13, 2005
, Jim Boz and Dondi pause to pose for a shot before their performance at the IAMED event, Bellydance Live! in Hollywood, California

July 8. 2005
Editor Lynette catches a show
on the Island of Maui, Hawaii.
In photo are: Noelle, cafe owner Marc Aurel, BellyRoll Dance Company members, Kristyn, Beka, & Rebecca, and then Leyla Atwill who connected Lynette to the show.


Beka is the troupe director, and teaches in Wailuku.


Leyla has rejoined the dance community. She once studied with Najia in Albany; she now teaches in Kihei.


July 10, 2005
entertains an appreciative crowd at the Stern Grove concert series in San Francisco, California


Carlos Santana
joins Khalid on stage


April 28, 2005
Alexandria of Berkeley California dancing in London as part of Ann White's Sahara Nights festiva

  • January 2010 through June 2010
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    Photos: Gig photo from Khalilah and Amira, Aziza's DVD release party, List of Winners from Breakthrough Fusion contest, Alnisa and Terry at Papa's Taverna, Maria Celado passes away, Surreyya and friends at Liz Strong's birthday party, Ahava and friends at ethnic Dance festival Auditions, Gordon Inkeles's Snake Dancer, Aswat at De Young, Moh Alileche's Ensemble and Danse Maghreb at De Young, Lynette Harper and Rahma's performance, Kristine's photos from Mississippi, Sean's photos from Texas, Dondi, Michelle and Babies, Shabnam's photos from Rakkasaha, Randa Kamel WOrkshop in DC, Anne White's photos from UK, Surreyya and Crystal at Floralia Fest in New Mexico, Tribal Souk sponsors Rachel Brice workshop in Albaquerque, Dilek's recent win at Belly Dancer of the Universe , List of Contestants for Bellydancer of the Year, photos of BDOY Winners, Dhyanis dancing with Pangia, Ozgen assists physiotherapist Elizabeth Sharp, class photo from Yousry's West Coast intensive.
  • July 2009 through December 2009
    vid clips: Shereen of Prague at BDUC, Surreyya interview Zoi of Tokyo, Mahsati Jahan Gig Bag Check, Kosmos Camp 2009 Report, Backstage with Elizabeth Strong and BDSS, Rowan Storm advises women becoming musicians, Gigbag Check with Surreyya, Gigbag Check with Amira and Sadiya at COS, 1994 Performance of Serpent Bacchus and Prego Lynette,
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  • January 2009 through June 2009
    vid clips:Fusion Contest JimBoz Gig Bag Check , Sabah 2008, Mireya wins at BDUC, Bahaia makeup, Dominique Senecal of Montreal, By Dancers 4 Dancers, Gig bag Check with Astryd, 4 yo Assal Takesh dances for daddy Salah, Gig Bag Check with Pepper,
    Photos: Breakthrough Fusion Competition photos, Leyla's BDr of the World Competition in Germany, Shabnam's Troupe Rashika at Ethnic Dance Festival auditions, Joweh member, Elizabeth Friend, at the America's Got Talent auditions in Los Ange beautiful baby Sofie, daughter of belly dancer Amira of Las Vegas, “Sharif” Ahmad El-Mouzayen: In Memoriam, Raks Hakohaveem, Bert Balladine passed away, Simon Shaheen concert, MissiHIPPY at the grand opening, H1N1 Flu Epidemic Affects Dance Classes in Mexico, Arabesque Dance Company’s production of "Egypt" in Toronto, Saturday at Tribel Fest, Contestants list for Bellydancer of the Year, Finalist from BD of Y, BDoY Winning Troupe, Kosmos Camp
  • June 2008 through December 2008
    vid clips:Vashti's Gigbag check, RanyaMaqamikaze, Ivanka of Panama, Lauren of BDSS gig bag check, Ranya Renee Maqamikaze of New York City backstage,Bozenka at IBCC, Jehan & Serena's music clip together, Gig Bag Check #10 with Petite Jamila, Gig Bag Check #6 with Zoe Jakes, Gig Bag Check with Shelley of Unmata, Sherry's Club Oasis, Sonia of BDSS Gig bag check,
    Photos: Sulyman's house burns down, DDF refunding video money, Cory & Gail Marry, Double Crown Results, Raqs LA, GS Party, Rachid at Stern Grove, Amaya's Shake and Bake, BDTV vol3 coming out soon, Sonoma Valley Green Music Festival, Midwest Bellydance Challenge,Diane Webber's Passing, BD Mag on Big Box Book Stores! Surreyya & Crystal in Tokyo, Helm in Spain, BDSS in Spain, Zoe- age 8- dances, Sahra teaches at Amina's, Aida Nor teaches inChicago, Mandanah wins North Valley contest, Youssery in Istanbul, Ramona does book signing, Tribal Asia Fest, Mt Shasta gig, BDSS at Copeland's Castle, Ahmet workshop in NYC, 1001 nights, Tales of Desire show, Sirens holiday greeting, and much more...
  • January 2008 through May 2008
    vid clips:Gig Bag Check #1- Monica, Gig Bag Check #2 Jillina, Gig Bag Check #3- Malia, New kid on the block-Nathalie, Valizan interviews Ozgen, Kervan ensemble perform at SF Restaurant, Rebaba returns, Sharon's Gigbag Check, Lava of Sisters of Alchemy
    Holiday photo from Bijan Reastuarant, Roxxanne and friends, Yasser Darwish workshop, Linda's group do Algerian Kabyle and Algerian Ouled Nail, Orit in Toronto workshop, Tamalyn breaks her leg! Leila workhop in Mexico, RaksW teachers carpool, Asia's coming benefit Miles and BDSS on tour, Najia's Birthday Party, Aziza in Florida, Susu and TerriAnne in Guatemala, Reyhan in crisis, BD of the Year Results, East Coast Classic Results, Goddesses Unleashed
  • June 2007 through December 2007
    Pasha Restaurant of SF sells to new owner, FCBD in SF Gay Pride Parade, Contests, Hadia in TX, Baby BDr, Randa in TX, Video Clips begin!, Astryd teaches, Turk Fest, Miles rescues Suhaila, Mendocino ME M&D camp, Helene's travels, Helm at home in Fairfax, Miles and the bigwigs of the ME, Mr Ahmed Asad dies suddenly during workshop weekend in Montreal, Fiesta in Albaquerque, Spirit of the Tribes in Florida, Holiday greetings from all over!, DDF, Cartoonist runs for president, Bobby's Girls reunion, Rakksah East, Dancer photos from Mexico and Colorado and more
  • January 2007 through May 2007
    BDoY 2007 winners, Leila's beautiful baby boy!, East Coast Classic, Dondi, Aziza's world adventures, Rhea's dtr Melinda marries in Greece, Serengheti Nights benefit , Reda's Son's BD party, Kami Liddle Workshop, Siren Insanity, Tribute to Rhonda, BDSS audtions in San Rafael, Kaya's Baby girl!, Dancer night at San Jose pizzaria, back stage video shoot pics
  • June 2006 through December 2006
    Flamenco in West Marin, John and Sharlyn pose together again, Sherry and Taiwan dancers, Sahira teaches in Taiwan, Michel and Sophia play dress up in Spain, Leyla Lanty dancing at AWS in Cairo. Snake dancer gives birth to a troupe!, BD cruise, Pr Farhana is as a tattoo, Mark of Wash DC in SF, Holiday photos, contests
  • April through December 2005- you are here!
    Alexandria in London, Khalid in SF, BD in Maui, Gia and pet, Tracking BDrs after Hurricane Katrina, Papa's Taverna in N California, Princess Farhana Teaches, Angelika's tour in Turkey, Giza Awards for video, Egyptian Folkloric troupe in SF, contests all over, gilded serpent sited in zoo, BDr in local parade. Bdr dolls hit toy stores

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Ready for more?
8-2-05 Rakkasah West Festival 2005 Page 3-Sat & Sun, photos by GS Volunteers including: Jasmine, Lynette, Michelle, Monica, Sandra, Susie, Zaheea, and probably more!
Festival date- March 2005, Richmond, California, One page left!

5-4-04 Belly Dance in Israel by Orit Maftsir
Belly dancers are the hottest trend at the moment, unlike the totally frozen attitudes towards the Arab culture in Israel.

6-18-05 Belly Dancer of the Year 2005 Grand Dancer, more Duos, Trios & Troupes photos by Monica
May 28, 2005, San Ramon, California.

7-18-05 Cairo Carnival 2005 Page 1 June 11-12, 2005, Glendale, California photos by Lynette
Please help us identify faces. Thanks!

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