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June 2008 through December 2008
News & photos from all around our world!
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vid clips:Vashti's Gigbag check, RanyaMaqamikaze, Ivanka of Panama, Lauren of BDSS gig bag check, Ranya Renee Maqamikaze of New York City backstage,Bozenka at IBCC, Jehan & Serena's music clip together, Gig Bag Check #10 with Petite Jamila, Gig Bag Check #6 with Zoe Jakes, Gig Bag Check with Shelley of Unmata, Sherry's Club Oasis, Sonia of BDSS Gig bag check,
Photos: Sulyman's house burns down, DDF refunding video money, Cory & Gail Marry, Double Crown Results, Raqs LA, GS Party, Rachid at Stern Grove, Amaya's Shake and Bake, BDTV vol3 coming out soon, Sonoma Valley Green Music Festival, Midwest Bellydance Challenge,Diane Webber's Passing NEW PHOTOS ADDED, BD Mag on Big Box Book Stores! Surreyya & Crystal in Tokyo, Helm in Spain, BDSS in Spain, Zoe
- age 8- dances, Sahra teaches at Amina's, Aida Nor teaches inChicago, Mandanah wins North Valley contest, Youssery in Istanbul, Ramona does book signing, Tribal Asia Fest, Mt Shasta gig, BDSS at Copeland's Castle, Ahmet workshop in NYC, 1001 nights, Tales of Desire show, Sirens holiday greeting, and much more...

Posted 12-22-08
Happy Holidays from Sirens In Sanity of Benecia, CA

Back row l-r: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Front row: 1, Salima, 3, Yasmine, 5, 6, 7

Posted 12-12-08 5 pm- (may still be cooking)
Gig Bag Check #5 with Sonia of the Bellydance Superstars
While back stage at the Marin Civic Auditorium in San Rafael, California, Debbie Smith asks Sonia to show us what she needs to take with her on tour. Sonia shows us just a few things she takes with her. Other troupe members including Jillina are visible in the background.



Posted 12-12-08

Tales of Desire, a tribal fusion bellydance extravaganza with a line up of the most sought after tribal fusion performers today, was filmed in a theatre in Glendale, CA on December 6th, 2008. This is the latest performance DVD project from Hollywood Music Center taking it to the next level by filming in a theatre to a sold out live audience. The first of two DVDs is expected to be released in March, 2009.


MORE on this event here

Producer Mher and Show Coordinator Sherri
Basking in the glow of a smashingly successful completely sold out show!

Mher and Unmata:April Rose Wilson , Kari, Shelley, Mher, Sarah Stinson, Amy Sigil
Unmata rocked the house! So proud that to have them open and close the show.

Movses, Jilline, Mher
So nice that so many members of the dance community came out to support the show!

posted 12-11-08
On December 6, 2008, Mina and Dalloua Dance Company produced the show, 1001 Arabian Nights, in the Person Theatre at Sonoma State University in Cotati, California. More than a dozen different San Francisco Bay Area dance companies each presented one of the many stories from this classic Arabic literature. Hopefully she and Michael Baxter will send us more photos soon!

MORE on this event here

left to right - Civan, Ahmet Ogren, Joan Kafri, Gonul Turker.

Posted December 8, 2008
Turkish Romany Dance in New York City

report by Joan Kafri

Turkish dancer Ahmet Ogren's first workshops in the USA, teaching Romany gypsy dance, was held November 8 and 9, 2008, in New York City. The workshops were an exciting challenge.

The first day was devoted to learning steps and combinations to the basic 9/8 rhythm. In the second day's classes, the movements were set in a choreography to music. Ahmet is articulate and knowledgeable about the origins of the dance style and its place culturally, both in the past and today. Although he speaks very little English, everything he said was translated for us by Gonul Turker and Serpil Civan.

Gonul and Serpil are sisters of Fazil Cengiz, owner of Fazil's Dance Center, the former New York City mecca for ethnic dance. Gonul now runs Fazil's Studio NYC in Istanbul, Turkey, and was responsible for arranging Ahmet's tour in the USA. Ahmet continued his tour in the Los Angeles area on November 14 and 15.

Ahmet's technical perfectionism was balanced out by his mischievous, playful personality. Every now and then, he would launch himself around the room in an exuberant folkloric combination. His love of dance is obvious, and his joy at sharing it was a gift to the students. Hopefully he will return to teach workshops in the USA again in the near future.



Posted December 3, 2008

Photos from the Bellydance Superstars workshop week at Miles Copeland's Castle in France, November 2- 6, 2008. Chateau Marouatte is located near the villages of Bordeilles and Brantome in the Dordogne.


L-R: Moria, Natalie, Sonia, ?, Bozenka, Coleen, Sabah, ?

click for large photo

L-R: Sabah, Coleen, PJ, ?, ?, Sonia, Bozenka, Kami, Moria, Natalie, ?

posted 11-26-08
photos by Jon Vandiver
Pangia hosted a fall hafla at the Stage Door Cabaret & Coffehouse
in Mt Shasta, Ca, Sunday, Nov 23.

Music by PANGIA: Pat Olson, Carmine Guida & Denise Mannion
Performances by instructors Denise & Troupe Mandala California,
beginning students from the College of Siskiyous class,
instructor Robyn from Yreka, Dionesea & Megan Hawk from Mt Shasta.

Carmine was in California being recorded by Pat Olson at our 41 Degrees North studio.
Happy Thanksgiving from PANGIA!


Posted 11-26-08 (ed- sorry for the delay!)
submitted by Bruce Davis of Tribal Sky

Tribal Asia 2008 of Taiwan
June 25th, 2008 started 8 days of workshops, teacher training programs and the inauguration of the first Tribal Asia International Belly Dance competition
held at the Wen Yingkuan Cultural Center in the central city of Taichung, Taiwan
This year's instructors,
Kajira Djoumahna of BlackSheep Belly Dance,
Sahira, founder of Urban Gypsy and
John Compton - Co-Founder and Co-Director of The Hahbi‘Ru Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble

Posted Nov 23, 2008
Ramona, the author of "Dynamic Belly Dance, The Joyful Journey of Dancemaking and Performing," was sponsored by Atlanta's downtown Margaret Mitchell Public Library for an educational presentation, demonstration and book signing on October 22, 2008.

Posted November 18, 2008
photos subitted by Gonul Turker Cengiz
Yousry Sharif's class at the
Oriental Dance camp in Istanbul
held June 5- 10, 2008

Yousry is in white shirt with headband and towel around his neck.

help with more names!

larger photo click here
This is the 2007 group.



Submitted 11-11-08 by Shabnam
Mandanah wins 1st place Professional Soloist and
1st place Duet with Shabnam at
the North Valley Bellydance Competition on
Saturday November 9th, 2008.

Posted October 26, 2008
Catherine Barros sends us a class photo from Aida Nour's workshop in Chicago held October 18 - 19
"In the group photo, Chellcy Reitsma (long blond hair), the sponsor, is in the front next to Aida . . . you can see Shoshanna and Vashti in there along with me, he he.

click for larger photo
more names please!
posted October 24, 2008
Gilded Serpent reports from the Sherry Briar’s Club Oasis
On July 19, 2008 Sherry held Club Oasis at Open Secret Bookstore in San Rafael, California.
Performing in this wonderful intimate venue were
Troupe Ala Nar, Rising Stars, BlackSheep BellyDance, RaksRosa, Terry, Alnisa, Teresa

Posted October 16, 2008
Gilded Serpent presents Shelly of Unmata-Gig Bag Check #11

What does a tribal fusion dancer need to carry in her gig bag? Shelly gives us a peek into her bag!
Posted October 15, 2008 (sorry for the delay!)
Sahra Kent's Class at Amina's Studio on May 11, 2008, in San Francisco
"Journey through Egypt Basic 1" JtE-1 Intensive/Certification Weekend

Click photo for enlargement. Names, back to front, possibly not in order
#1?, Hala, Shoshanna, Monica, Debbie Smith?, ?, Amina Goodyear, second and third row?, Ahava in white galabeya with the glasses
Sahra in red in front with Leyla Lanty

Posted October 2, 2008
Photo of Zoe Isadora, age 8
Performing with her mama Melina at a Yelp Elite Event
at Sabur Restaurant and Lounge in Somerville, MA
Tuesday September 30th, 2008
Posted October 2, 2008
Moria of the Bellydance Superstars, an unknown adorable BD fan, and Sherri at Salma's event in Barcelona, Spain, on Sept 20, 2008

Posted October 2, 2008
Photos from Helm's summer tours

Janexia teaches Ling Shien Bell a dance from Venezuela. Both were staying at the house of Ines in Girona,
Spain after the Solstice Festival. A photo spread from that event is coming soon!

Ling, Mark Bell and Vanessa in Majorca, Spain

Larry, Mark and Ling Shien playing a concert or show hosted by Rom Deussen in her husband's Presbytarian church deep in the heart of Mormon country in St George, southern Utah. It was their first appearance together in 2008, since Larry is now residing in Istanbul, but they were still current on the material from Helm's last CD, Spice Box, so it felt like they were just playing together yesterday!
posted September 20, 2008

Zoi's and family sponsored Surreyya and Crystal for performances in Tokyo
September 11 through 16, 2008
Zoi is in pink and white bedlah, Crystal in green and Surreyya is the blond in the back.
September 18, 2008
Congrats to Liliana!
Belly Dance Magazine has hit the shelves at Barns and Noble!

September 16, 2008
Gig Bag Check #6 with Zoe Jakes
. Backstage with BDSS at the Marin Civic Center in San Rafael, CA

September 1, 2008
Gig Bag Check #10 featuring Petite Jamila of the Bellydance Superstars


posted August 25, 2008, submitted by Anaheed
Webber, 1932-2008

Some of you may have already heard the sad news; Tuesday August 19, 2008 Diane Webber passed away. She was recovering from surgery in Los Angeles after a reoccurrence of ovarian cancer and was visited by her son and family before she passed. She was a member of the Neptune Society and a family memorial will be held. She is survived by her son, his wife and two children, and her former husband, Joe Webber.

She was a very private person, however I feel it is appropriate to acknowledge and share memories of a brilliant woman who was a world-class artist in many fields. She was a famous figure model and actress, breathtaking dancer, dedicated instructor, and foundation resource for American Cabaret Belly Dance on the west coast. Do a web search on her name and there are hundreds of entries.

For those of us who were in her classes, she was one of the “tough” teachers who produced a huge number of professional dancers from the 70’s and into the new century. She formed one of the longest running (and still in existence!) professional dance troupes, “Perfumes of Araby” and created one of the first studio “Cabaret Nights” as a performance outlet for her upper level students.

Take a quiet moment and remember Diane at her best, mesmerizing a rapt audience and teaching us all what it was to be a dancer, an entertainer and an inspiring artist.
Blessings and happy dancing, Anaheed
(one of Diane’s students from the 70’s and current director of Perfumes of Araby)

Diane Webber Diane Webber

UPDATE- correction to Anaheed's posting of on the death of Diane Webber.  While Diane  had cancer, she did not have overian cancer.  she has three grandchilden, not two.
Kathy Sanders 
member of The Perfumes of Araby and a student of Diane's until the end.

Posted August 25-08, submitted by Mariah
The Midwest Bellydance Challenge
Saturday August 23rd, 2008
Chicago, IL

Here are the winners! Congrats to all!!

Student Soloist Category
1st Galiah Lavan (IL)
2nd Lisha (IL)
3rd Nasim (WI)
People's Choice Lisha (IL)

Troupe Category
1st Gaia Rising (IL)
2nd Ashar Dance Company (WI)
3rd Ro-He (IL)
People's Choice Safiya Dafiya (IL)

Tribal Soloist
1st Marci Ann (IL)
2nd Mae the Bellydancer (IL)
3rd Jezminda (IL)
People's Choice Marci Ann (IL)

Pro Cabaret Category Finalists:
Drea (IL)
Tipsuda (NJ)
Mariah (OH)
Shahina (IL)
Galatea (WI)
Nandi (MO)
Shara (MO)
Amanda Rose (AZ)

Pro Cabaret Category:
1st Amanda Rose (AZ)
2nd Shara (MO)
3rd Mariah (OH)
People's Choice Mariah (OH)

MBC Event Producer Kimahri & Mariah

left to right;
Mariah (OH) 3rd Place & People's Choice Pro Cabaret
Shara (MO) 2nd Place Pro Cabaret
Amanda Rose (AZ) 1st Place Grand Champion Pro Cabaret
Posted August 15, 2008
by Jeff Baum

On August 9th 2008 I had the pleasure of performing with my band, High Voltage, and taking on the role of "Stage Manager" for the Sonoma Valley Green Music Festival in Northern California. This benefit and festival was put on by Emmy of Nomagirl Events and was a huge success. What helped? Well, In addition to the killer bands, great food, interesting vendors and overall great atmosphere there was BELLYDANCING! I have to admit that I am a huge fan of this centuries old art. Ever since I was a youngster sitting in a Florida restaurant and a mysterious looking, beautiful Bellydancer graced our table with a fine dance I was left with a wicked sensation I could not possibly describe. While everyone at the festival really dug the music and food, when it was time for the Bellydancers to do their set I can only describe the crowd as being MESMERIZED. Being the Stage Manager, I had the pleasure of working with Elana and the ladies of Raks Rosa Dance Company. Professionally speaking, all seven of these ladies were on time, prepared and ready to RAK! Elana and the crew were simply a pleasure to deal with. Then the action started. They had a beautifully prepared 20 minute set. The dancers were beautiful in their multicolored outfits and clattering gold accessories. The dancers shook, swayed and rolled to the hypnotic Arabic music and MESMERIZED the crowd with their searing eyes You could hear a pin drop while they were performing. All eyes were riveted on the stage. it was as time itself had completely stopped. For 20 minutes we were at peace with the world. I felt as if they were performing solely for me as their eyes drew me in and their magic kept me hanging on. There were a few group dances and another very good dance featuring Elana and one other beautiful dancer with swords. A huge hit for the crowd! I would have to say that the Bellydancing was a unique, and yes COOL attraction. Elana and the girls were very beautiful and gracious and also let me take a few picture with them (Benefits of the job, ya know...). The Bellydancing was a major highlight in an afternoon filled with highlights. I simply can not understand why there are not Bellydancers in every hotel and restaurant across the country!! If there were more Bellydancers in the world it would be a much better place to live. YES, I am a Bellydancing fan..

Being the Stage Manager, I had the pleasure of working with Elana and the ladies of RAKS ROSA DANCE COMPANY

Jeff's band "High Voltage" performs at the festival.
left to right-- Riffman Rob on bass, Jeff stands in front of the drummer Rick DaCrusher ot Glen, Dennis, and Sideshow Bob
Posted August 13, 2008
Congrats to Ana! The next volumne of this video news magazine is dropped off at the replicators!

Paulina interviews the musicians from Naked Rhythm, Avi Sills and Alex Spurkle, for BD-TV Volumne 3.
Naked Rhythm is a band based in Los Angeles, CA. This shot is from covering their CD release party for their album called "Frequency."
Posted 8-12-08
Submitted by Flo of Tribal Souk
, Photos taken by Rachael Rodgers.
15th Annual Amaya's Shake and Bake in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Above: Albuquerque teachers in the "Shake your Hips on Route 66" show : Nadia, Millie, Flo Bargar, Tasha Banat, Asha, Terri


Unknown name on photo at the hafla at left



The Rogue Bindis perform in Old Town Albuquerque, Shake & Bake community hafla:
Flo, Dawn, Emily, Dani, Bryce

Posted August 2, 2008, photos by Monica
Rachid Taha played a free concert in San Francisco's Stern Grove Sunday, July 13.
Opening act MC Rai had local belly dancer Kristina come out for a song. Kristina used to dance with Ultra Gypsy and now solos in the bay area.

Kristina dances with MC Rai. MC is from Tunisia, used to live in San Francsico and now lives in LA

Rachid at mic in red shirt and balck coat, white hat. He is a French Algerian who played
in punk bands in the1980s in France and then rediscover his roots and started playing Rai

Fans on stage with Rachid

Rachid's band is AMAZING! says Monica
Posted July 28
Party at GS offices July 26, 2008
I forgot to take any pictures until the party was almost over!

Duane just sent us one he took there, see bleow

Mark Bell, Paul Onassian, Matthew Montfort, Salah Takish, Mary Ellen Donald

Amr Higgy, Trish/Hanan, Ling Shein Bell, Mark Bell, Latifa
One more photo to add by Duane Stevens. Thank you Duane!

left to right--
Betsy Flood's husband Mark (she is there too behind him), Jawahare, Mark Bell, Ling Shien, Sharifa, Paul, Maryellen, Latifa and long time beau, then John Kalb and ?

July 23 2008

Jehan of New York, and daughter Serana's first song written together.

July 21, 2008
Bozenka talks with us at the IBCC in April 2008

Posted July 7, 2008
Gilded Serpent reports- Gig Bag check #4 -Lauren

What does a dancer need to carry in her gig bag? Debbie Smith asks Lauren, one of the newer dancers in BDSS, to give us a peek into her bag!

June 26, 2008
Gilded Serpent presents a moment with Ivanka of Panama at IBCC

Just a quick video this time.
We caught Ivanka backstage for just a moment and stumbled through a couple of questions.
Hopefully we will be able to talk with her more soon. A lovely dancer as you shall see too!

posted June 25, 2008,
text submitted by Artemis, photo submitted by Copeland's office- photography by Bree Kristel Clarke
Bellydance RAQS L.A.

This first-time event co-promoted by Marta Schill & Miles Copeland (Superstars producer) took place on the weekend of May 17, 18, 2008 at the Glendale Civic Auditorium in Glendale , California. What a line-up of teachers: Ansuya, Morocco, Jillina, Bozenka, Sonia, Helena Vlahos, Sabah, Jayna, Petitie Jamilla, Issam, Kami Liddle, Samantha Hasthorpe, and Moria. It will not be on this weekend next year, since the promoters realized that it was opposite the enduring Tribal Fest in Northern California. Nevertheless, all who attended were enthusiastic with the workshops and awed by the performances of such greats including the above teachers, and others such as Fahtiem, Mesmera, Rania, DaVid, Shoshanna, Judeen, and many other wonderful soloists and troupe performers. One of the highlights of the weekend was the attendance of Huel Howser of "California's Gold" television show, and his absolute delight in covering this event. Look for the segment to air in about 3 months. He shot footage of everything and everybody, and did a marvelous interview with Mesmera. Saturday night had a stellar show, and hafla following the event, and Sunday had the Bellydance Superstars Auditions. Kudos to Marta for sucess in her first-time event!

Author Artemis vends

Jessenia (on the left) and Shalimar. The musicians are the Middle Earth Ensemble. Thanks Larry!

posted June 24, 2008
2008 Double Crown Belly Dance Competition Results
June 20-22, 2008
Veteran's Memorial Building in Downtown Santa Cruz
, California
produced by Bellydance Odyssey Productions with Zaina Hart
photos by Michael Baxter

Isis (Beginning Dancers, Amateur Category)
1st - Reea
2nd - Iris
3rd - Johara

Phoenix (Intermediate Dancers - Amateur Category)
1st Place :: Lara (CA)
2nd Place :: Basinah (CA)
3rd Place :: Leah (CA)

Scarab (Alternative Music Category)
1st - Razi
2nd – Jodi Waseca
3rd - Aminah

Gemini (Duet)
1st – Naiya & Numair
2nd – Folk Infusion

Gypsy Stylist
1st - Mia
2nd - Rebekah
3rd - Kitiera

Nile (Troupe)
1st – Folk Infusion
2nd - Scimitar
3rd – Jaouahir Tahoe

Performing Artist Finals results:
1st Place - Razi (WA)
2nd Place - Mia (Puerto Rico)
3rd Place - LuLu (CA)

Razi wins 1st place
in Performina Artist Category

Folk Infusion wins
1st place in troupe division and 2nd in the duet division
Posted June 18, 2008

Cory Zamora & Gail Tribble married June 17th 2008
Fresno, CA

Posted June 12, 2008
Gilded Serpent interviews
Ranya Renee & Maqamikaze of New York City backstage at the International Bellydance Conference of Canada held in Toronto.
On the Friday evening, April 25, 2008, Backstage in Toronto at the International Bellydance Conference of Canada, Ranya, Jaida, Leena, Zahirah, Tais, tell us about stage make-up. We then see excerpts from their performance of " 1001 Nights... in the Library." We then go backstage again after the show to discuss more including the comedy in their storyline.


Scarab Productions
P.O. Box 3137
San Leandro, CA 94578

June 6, 2008
Contact: Angela Thacker, (510) 317-9875

San Leandro, CA - Scarab Productions announced today that they will be issuing full refunds to those who paid for their performance videos from Desert Dance Festival, 2007. After several months of attempting to resolve numerous legal disputes between Scarab Productions and the video contractor, Scarab Production's President and DDF founder, Dunia, has decided to issue full refunds to those who requested videos last year.

In her initial statement, Dunia, commented on the regret she has felt that this ongoing challenge has negatively affected the event and her standings
in the dance community. She reminded many of how the actions (and lack of actions) of one individual can "damage more than a few of the friendships
that I've worked so hard to develop over the years." When discussing the issue it was very clear that this incident has been very emotional for Dunia, who shared with a group of dancers in a workshop last month that this episode . "more than saddens me" and that, when once resolved, the community over all "can forgive me." And reaffirming how important it is that the community should not be forced to live through the inevitable completion of any approaching legal action the production company may be forced to take. In the end, bringing closure to this issue for the public by cleaning the slate and giving them their money back.

Steps haven been taken to resolve not just the video issue, but some of the concerns last year's location left dancers and vendors wrestling through. A new location with more modern systems to handle the number of vendors, the heat and staging. And, most important, the welcoming of Cheeky Girl Productions to video this year's event, giving performers the opportunity to acquire their videos on site the day of their performance.

For more information on (and to submit for) your refund, go to the website at: http://www.desertdance.com/PressRoom.html. Visit the website for
workshop, location and other event information.

posted June 3, 2008
Gig Bag check #10- Monica Berini interviews Vashti
Monica Berini interviews Vashti of Santa Cruz, California before her performance in the Bellydancer of the Year Pageant on May 24, 2008. Vashti shows us what she keeps in her gig bag to be ready for this show. We then see a snippet of her performance. Then we ask Vashti about her recent projects, producing both Suhaila's solo theatre performance, The Phoenix, and Zaina Hart's Double Crown Contest

photo above from the Phillips Au photo collection donated to Gilded Serpent Archives by Patrick his son.
Posted June 3, 2008
Thank you Monica and Yasmela
Sirocco in Crisis

SIROCCO is the duo Sulyman el Coyote (on right), and Armando Mafufo.
In case you have not heard, Sol has lost almost everything he owns. If his neighbor hadn't wakened him at 6am on the 22nd of May, Sol would not be with us right now. He saw embers blowing toward him at 40mph. He was one street over from where the fire started. Sol had just time to grab his guitar, fiddle, laptop, (couldn't find his cat unfortunately) and got out with the flames chasing him. He went back after the fire was out (we were all hoping that he was one of the lucky ones whose home was bypassed by the flames) but unhappily he found a pile of ash. Instruments, drums, costumes, photos, music collections - ash.
His jewelry, zil and shoemaking machinery, tools supplies, stock and workshops were all gone- a lifetime of history gone.
A PayPal account for him has been set up and can be accessed from his website. http://www.fingercymbals.com/.
  • January 2010 through June 2010
    vid clips:Sehar Niraja at BDUC, Samira teaches Eastern Finger Snap, BDUC 09 video collage, Gigbag Check #21- Mark Balahadia
    Photos: Gig photo from Khalilah and Amira, Aziza's DVD release party, List of Winners from Breakthrough Fusion contest, Alnisa and Terry at Papa's Taverna, Maria Celado passes away, Surreyya and friends at Liz Strong's birthday party, Ahava and friends at ethnic Dance festival Auditions, Gordon Inkeles's Snake Dancer, Aswat at De Young, Moh Alileche's Ensemble and Danse Maghreb at De Young, Lynette Harper and Rahma's performance, Kristine's photos from Mississippi, Sean's photos from Texas, Dondi, Michelle and Babies, Shabnam's photos from Rakkasaha, Randa Kamel WOrkshop in DC, Anne White's photos from UK, Surreyya and Crystal at Floralia Fest in New Mexico, Tribal Souk sponsors Rachel Brice workshop in Albaquerque, Dilek's recent win at Belly Dancer of the Universe , List of Contestants for Bellydancer of the Year, photos of BDOY Winners, Dhyanis dancing with Pangia, Ozgen assists physiotherapist Elizabeth Sharp, class photo from Yousry's West Coast intensive.
  • July 2009 through December 2009
    vid clips: Shereen of Prague at BDUC, Surreyya interview Zoi of Tokyo, Mahsati Jahan Gig Bag Check, Kosmos Camp 2009 Report, Backstage with Elizabeth Strong and BDSS, Rowan Storm advises women becoming musicians, Gigbag Check with Surreyya, Gigbag Check with Amira and Sadiya at COS, 1994 Performance of Serpent Bacchus and Prego Lynette,
    Suhaila's troupe performs at Berkeley Marina, Nicole and Kara at soccer game in Cairo, Danse Maghreb in Alameda, Sausan's group at King Tut Opening, Monica and friends at Wiggle of West in Las Vegas, Queen of Raks Sharki Contest in Dallas Tx, Dondi's Baby Tiernan, Duane sends photo from "Pizza Raks", Keti Sharif's baby Serafina, Sa'diyya's troupe, Brad, Gibson and Kristen at SF Mecca, Wiggles winners, Zahra Zuhair's show pic teaser, Benefit for Bridgette, Shabnam's Baby Sholeh, GS 10th year party, Ramadan in Cairo, Tennessee dancers, Ramadan in Indonesia, Khalilah wins Jewel of the Sierra, Hazerfan warms up for Sertab Erener and Demir Demirkan, Carnival of Stars fest photos, Pregnant Michelle Joyce and husband, Photos from North Bay BD Bazaar, Photos from Desert Dance Fest In San Jose, Desert Heat in Berkeley, Mesmera's school at Dar Maghreb in LA, Baxter's photos from Jewel of the Sierra Contest, Ava Fleming Class in Asheville, NC, Sirens In Sanity at Redwood Coast Fest, Sharazad Troupe at Arizona Arab Fest, Hossam Ramzy in Singapore, Nadja and Nicole of Sweden, Stasha at El Mansour, SF, Nicole in Cairo, Bulent and Friends in Turkey, Michelle and new baby, Khairiyya, Yasmina and group in Cairo, Shaia's New Studio. Shareen teaches for Monica in SF, Michael Baxter's Birthday, Gia's gig in NJ, Bahaia's prego belly, Holiday grettings from Andre' Elbing, Davina, and Saha
  • January 2009 through June 2009
    vid clips:Fusion Contest JimBoz Gig Bag Check , Sabah 2008, Mireya wins at BDUC, Bahaia makeup, Dominique Senecal of Montreal, By Dancers 4 Dancers, Gig bag Check with Astryd, 4 yo Assal Takesh dances for daddy Salah, Gig Bag Check with Pepper,
    Photos: Breakthrough Fusion Competition photos, Leyla's BDr of the World Competition in Germany, Shabnam's Troupe Rashika at Ethnic Dance Festival auditions, Joweh member, Elizabeth Friend, at the America's Got Talent auditions in Los Ange beautiful baby Sofie, daughter of belly dancer Amira of Las Vegas, “Sharif” Ahmad El-Mouzayen: In Memoriam, Raks Hakohaveem, Bert Balladine passed away, Simon Shaheen concert, MissiHIPPY at the grand opening, H1N1 Flu Epidemic Affects Dance Classes in Mexico, Arabesque Dance Company’s production of "Egypt" in Toronto, Saturday at Tribel Fest, Contestants list for Bellydancer of the Year, Finalist from BD of Y, BDoY Winning Troupe, Kosmos Camp
  • June 2008 through December 2008- you are here!
    vid clips:Vashti's Gigbag check, RanyaMaqamikaze, Ivanka of Panama, Lauren of BDSS gig bag check, Ranya Renee Maqamikaze of New York City backstage,Bozenka at IBCC, Jehan & Serena's music clip together, Gig Bag Check #10 with Petite Jamila, Gig Bag Check #6 with Zoe Jakes, Gig Bag Check with Shelley of Unmata, Sherry's Club Oasis, Sonia of BDSS Gig bag check,
    Photos: Sulyman's house burns down, DDF refunding video money, Cory & Gail Marry, Double Crown Results, Raqs LA, GS Party, Rachid at Stern Grove, Amaya's Shake and Bake, BDTV vol3 coming out soon, Sonoma Valley Green Music Festival, Midwest Bellydance Challenge,Diane Webber's Passing, BD Mag on Big Box Book Stores! Surreyya & Crystal in Tokyo, Helm in Spain, BDSS in Spain, Zoe- age 8- dances, Sahra teaches at Amina's, Aida Nor teaches inChicago, Mandanah wins North Valley contest, Youssery in Istanbul, Ramona does book signing, Tribal Asia Fest, Mt Shasta gig, BDSS at Copeland's Castle, Ahmet workshop in NYC, 1001 nights, Tales of Desire show, Sirens holiday greeting, and much more...
  • January 2008 through May 2008
    vid clips:Gig Bag Check #1- Monica, Gig Bag Check #2 Jillina, Gig Bag Check #3- Malia, New kid on the block-Nathalie, Valizan interviews Ozgen, Kervan ensemble perform at SF Restaurant, Rebaba returns, Sharon's Gigbag Check, Lava of Sisters of Alchemy
    Holiday photo from Bijan Reastuarant, Roxxanne and friends, Yasser Darwish workshop, Linda's group do Algerian Kabyle and Algerian Ouled Nail, Orit in Toronto workshop, Tamalyn breaks her leg! Leila workhop in Mexico, RaksW teachers carpool, Asia's coming benefit Miles and BDSS on tour, Najia's Birthday Party, Aziza in Florida, Susu and TerriAnne in Guatemala, Reyhan in crisis, BD of the Year Results, East Coast Classic Results, Goddesses Unleashed
  • June 2007 through December 2007
    Pasha Restaurant of SF sells to new owner, FCBD in SF Gay Pride Parade, Contests, Hadia in TX, Baby BDr, Randa in TX, Video Clips begin!, Astryd teaches, Turk Fest, Miles rescues Suhaila, Mendocino ME M&D camp, Helene's travels, Helm at home in Fairfax, Miles and the bigwigs of the ME, Mr Ahmed Asad dies suddenly during workshop weekend in Montreal, Fiesta in Albaquerque, Spirit of the Tribes in Florida, Holiday greetings from all over!, DDF, Cartoonist runs for president, Bobby's Girls reunion, Rakksah East, Dancer photos from Mexico and Colorado and more
  • January 2007 through May 2007
    BDoY 2007 winners, Leila's beautiful baby boy!, East Coast Classic, Dondi, Aziza's world adventures, Rhea's dtr Melinda marries in Greece, Serengheti Nights benefit , Reda's Son's BD party, Kami Liddle Workshop, Siren Insanity, Tribute to Rhonda, BDSS audtions in San Rafael, Kaya's Baby girl!, Dancer night at San Jose pizzaria, back stage video shoot pics.
  • June 2006 through December 2006
    Flamenco in West Marin, John and Sharlyn pose together again, Sherry and Taiwan dancers, Sahira teaches in Taiwan, Michel and Sophia play dress up in Spain, Leyla Lanty dancing at AWS in Cairo. Snake dancer gives birth to a troupe!, BD cruise, Pr Farhana is as a tattoo, Mark of Wash DC in SF, Holiday photos, contests.
  • January 2006 through May 2006
    grade school interpretations of world dances, Helene's intl travels, Goth DVD teaser video, BDSS auditions, Aida, Magdy and Leila in LA, cruising sites in SF, Salahs family in Iran, Contest, Dondi workshopp, Suhaila workshop, Vince gets down with fellow beatniks, Helm making a CD, Jill Parker's undulation, Meena in Iraq, MaryEllen with students from Taiwan- Cheg yi and Sherri, SFMECDA officers for 2005,
  • April through December 2005
    Alexandria in London, Khalid in SF, BD in Maui, Gia and pet, Tracking BDrs after Hurricane Katrina, Papa's Taverna in N California, Princess Farhana Teaches, Angelika's tour in Turkey, Giza Awards for video, Egyptian Folkloric troupe in SF, contests all over, gilded serpent sited in zoo, BDr in local parade. Bdr dolls hit toy stores

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