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Carl Captures Character

Rakkasah Festival East 2008, Friday Evening

Photos by Carl Sermon

October 17, 2008,
Ukrainian Cultural Center, Somerset, New Jersey
posted May 29, 2009

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Caption corrections for each dancer appreciated.
Musicians in most photos are members of Pangia & Djinn:
Denise Mannion, Pat Olson, Carmine Guida, Melissa, Pete, Brad, more?



Alia Studio Dancers
Alia Studio Dancers of Barrington, New Jersey

Alrana* of Stamford, Connecticut
Ariel of Washington, DC
Ayperi of Portland, Maine
Blanca of New York City
Blanca of New York City *
Gabi of Randolph, New Jersey
Jennifer of Highland Park,
New Jersey
Leila Haddad of Paris
Leila Haddad of Paris and Tunisia
Mia Naja Al Sephira
Mira Naja Al Sephira of
Columbia, Maryland, here and below
Mia Naja Al Sephira

Mystic Wiles

Mystic Wiles of
Barrington, New Jersey, here and below
Mystic Wiles
Najma * of Far Rockaway, New York
Shadia* of Gilgertsville, PA
Snake Charmer Dance Company
Snake Charmer Dance Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tempest of New Jersey
Tempest of New Jersey *
Tonche Spirit Dancer
Tonche Spirit Dancer of Hamilton, New Jersey, here and
Click! Tonche Spirit Dancer
Troupe Tryanga
Troupe Tryanga of Maplewood, New Jersey, here and below
Troupe Tryanga
Wicked Wiggles
Wicked Wiggles of Gaithersburg, Maryland
Willow* of Honolulu, Hawaii
Yosha Rahda
Yosha Rahda* of Westerminster, Maryland
NOT Ziba*[Ed- Help!] of Charlottesville, Virginia

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  1. Ayperi

    May 31, 2009 - 11:05:28

    What fun to see everyone!  Thank you, Carl.

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