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Memorial to Steve Duerksen

May 17, 1955 to Feb 20, 2018

last update: Feb 21, 2018

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Steve’s story about Glenn at Glenn’s memorial last year February 4, 2017

Steve's Tractor Garden

Steve’s Tractor Garden – published in 6-6-2002.

the last I heard, Steve had 32 antique tractors- mostly Caterpillar.


2015- Steve sent me these snake photos by Teddy of the rattler that passes through his house



Photo sent by Liesl

Steve, Rosemary, Anabelle

Steve, Rosemary (mother), and Annabell (Steve’s SO)

Steve's place in Windomar

Steve’s place in Windomar/Temecula.

Steve with his beloved Randi

Steve and Randi his dog

Steve working on tractor with kids in covina

Steve working on tractor with kids in covina

Steve in ~ 1995 after picking up a tractor in our area-

Steve and a new tractor

Steve Jokes

“My neighbor JAmie sent me a warning…soemtimes warnings are bogus, but she says this one is real… it someone comes to your front door saying that they are checking for ticks due to the warm weather and asks you to take your clothes off and dance around witrh your arms up, DO NOT DO IT…IT IS A SCAM! They only want to see you naked. Jaimie wishes she had got this warning yesterday. She feels so stupid….
Steve's addition to Johnny's card
Steve’s funny addition to the Johnny’s birthday card

Steve Artwork:

Steve's church doodle of his bug eyed sprite

church doodles

Steve’s 2010 xmas card
Steve's 2010 Xmas card

Stories and photos to come:
Riding with Steve down steep curvy roads in the little yellow bug eyed sprite. The throttle cable broke and he had to wire the throttle wide open.
As kids, Steve catching a rattle snake and us helping. Roger holding the pillow case as Steve sinks the snake into the bottom with a stick. Then ties it up, puts it in his backback and takes it to the biology teacher at school.
Road rage in the desert with Steve in his old jeep and the other guy in a fancy car. Fancy car gets totaled.
-Looking for photos of Steve working overseas doing medical work

Please send photos to Lynette:
i will add them to this page as I can.
thanks, l

tentative-> March 3, 10 am service near Loma Linda, lunch at Janets house in Redlands
Evite to event. More wonderful pictures too!
link to Evite

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  2. Jef HeathNo Gravatar

    Feb 21, 2018 - 10:02:50

    I am so sad to hear of Steve’s departure. Charlyn and I will forever carry a special place in our hearts for our cousin Steve. He is the person responsible for bringing my Dad and Mary (and our family) together. After our parent’s divorce we weren’t sure what was going to happen to our family and then Steve in his generous way, introduced my Dad to an amazing and wonderful woman, Mary. We love her deeply and our family is so grateful to Steve for going the extra mile for my Dad. We are stronger, better, and happier because of Steve. I also want to mention that when Steve spoke at my Dad’s service, I felt such a strong appreciation and family love for him. To have him stand and speak for my Dad…that meant so much to me. Steve was fun, funny, uniquie and interesting…I always enjoyed our conversations. His sense of humor and unique view point made our conversations fun and interesting. I think Steve, my Dad, myself and I am sure many more folks in our family appreciate creativity and thinking outside the box. Steve made me smile. But most of all, I want to thank him again for selflessly introducing my Dad to Mary. I don’t think he truly knew how much this meant to us. I wish I had told him. Peace to you Steve. Hopefully you and my Dad can meet up soon. Who knows, at this very moment you and Dad may be having lunch together at the Heavenly Hometown Buffet. Much love Steve. Jef


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