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Friday Evening Photos

Rakkasah East Festival East- October 2010

Photos by Carl Sermon
Commentary by MaShuqa
posted October 13, 2011

Rakkasah East Festival 2010, the 11th year of this annual festival in Somerset, New Jersey celebrates a blossoming friendship community of East and West coast dancers and musicians.  The festival is the East coast version of the 30 year old Rakkasah West Festival tradition in California.  This art form of dance is in constantly flux and now includes many different influences in costuming and performance.

It was fascinating to observe the new trends in performance, costumes, and dance styling at this year’s festival: Rainbow colors, Fan veils, Feather fans, Silk veils, Isis Wings, and contemporary costuming designs.  A predominant costuming style for dance troupes was similar costume designs with each dancer wearing different colors to personalize their costuming providing a rainbow effect when troupes performed. Flowers and feathers adorned costumes and headpieces.  Silk veils dyed to match costumes, or in brilliant contrasting colors were popular and created height and flow in performance. Some troupes performed excellent choreography wearing dancewear usually worn in class – the basic wrap top, dance pants and hip wrap.


Friday Night


Desert Embers of New Jersey



Dharma of Misouri



Fahtiem of California


MaShuqa does Open Floor

MaShuqa dances with Pangia during Open Floor


Leila Haddad

Leila Haddad of Paris


Mystic Wiles

Mystic Wiles of New Jersey


Nadia Layla

Nadia Layla



Najma of New York



Nightshade of New Jersey



Phoenis of New Jersey


Raks Sheva

Raks Sheva of New York


Raks Sheva

Raks Sheva of New York


Raks Sheva

Raks Sheva of New York



Troupe Shahibat of Misouri


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