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Photos from Ahlan Wa Sahlan 2012

Page 2: July 1- 3, 2012, Cairo, Egypt

Photos and text by Gabriel and Helwa
posted October 1, 2012

Once more, Raqia Hassan, the sponsor of the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival welcomes her guests from all over the world at the Mena House Hotel, the antique mystical palace beside the pyramids of Giza for the 12th annual of this worldwide party. On the 26th of June, a folkloric group welcomed all the guests who arrived by presenting a wonderful surprise; All readily accepted the invitation to dance and have fun. The surprise was seeing the biggest stars of Egyptian dance.

On the following days, there were many workshops and summer shows.  The teachers and all participants who wanted to dance with live music or with the classical or latest hits on CDs performed at the galas. Competitions were held for all categories and levels. During the entire festival and all these activities, the belly dancers who wanted to see the newest models of costumes of the Egyptian designers had their opportunity at  the vendor’s booths placed around the workshops rooms. The closing gala on the July the 3rd gave fans a good view into the future bellydance art.

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Summer Show and Teachers Day
July 1, 2012

Nata Fari

Nata Fari
A new talent for Oriental dance

Mariya Litovka

Mariya Litovka of the Ukraine
Another talent for Oriental dance


Melina James of Brazil
A joyful style for Oriental dance


Jonathan Palermo of Argentina
The elegance of male Oriental dance style. A teacher at the festival


Princesa Laura of Argentina
Intensity also has its place in Oriental dance


Anastacia of Russia
A lively performance between dancer and sagat player. The show!


Hanna of Brazil
The happiness of Saidi cane dance

Kim Min Seon

Kim Min Seon & Yoo Yun A of Korea
The sharp and coordinate dance

July 2, 2012

Jade al Jabel of Brazil
The personal and strong style of one of the teachers at the festival


Macarena Palermo of Chile
Feeling the music


Catherine Mancera of Germany
The joy of being on stage

July 3, 2012– Closing Gala

Raqia and family

An unknown dancer from Spain, Raqia Hassan and her granddaughter , another 2 Spanish dancers,
A night for giving prizes for some of the winners of the competitions


Kashmera of Egypt
A lively performance with her orchestra

The dudes of dance

Hamada Hassan, Momo Kadous, Shalaby and Zaza Hassan (All from Egypt)


Kashmera of Egypt
Another great moment of Egyptian dance

Aziza of Cairo

Aziza of Cairo and one of her partners
A great Shaabi show


Munique Neith of Brazil
One of the guest stars


Munique Neith of Brazil
Another moment of beautiful dance

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  1. Yasmin Henkesh

    Oct 1, 2012 - 11:10:27

    The sagat player’s name is Sayed Lacky, one of the best sagat players in Egypt. He is a regular teacher at Leila and Safaa Farid’s Camp Negum.

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