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Interviews with Saida and Yamil

A Five Part Video Talk with Two Stars of Argentina

Saida and Yamil listen to NathalieInterviews with Saida and Yamil

by Lynette, Translation by Kalinka
post starting September 12, 2013

Filmed at the Miami Belly Dance Conference at the Eden Roc Hotel on September 1, 2013. .  If you find there are any subtle details missed in translation please kindly add these as well as your comments to the comments section below. Thank you!

Part 1: Response to recent article regarding studying with Saida by Rosalba

Saida states she would never single out a student in class as described in this article but does say the rest of the articles is accurate. She is strict.

Part 2: The Internet and Students.

In this clip is part 2 of our interview, we talk about the Internet and how much Yamil and Saida use it in their daily lives and with their students.

Part 3: Passion, Technique, Student, Teacher, Art, Entertianment

In this clip is part 3 of our interview, we discuss the relationship of the teacher and student, passion vs technique and a little about entertainment vs art. If you find there are any subtle details missed in translation please kindly add these as well as your comments to the comments section below

Part 4 ; Receiving Critique

Receiving Critique from your dance community.

Part 5: The Dance Community in Argentina

In this section they discuss how well the dance community gets along in Argentina. Hopefully this will help stimulate more talk in our larger worldwide community.

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  • My Belly Dance Dream, Studying with Saida in Argentina
    I looked at different options to satisfy this need to improve my dance. I decided to travel to Argentina and train with someone whom I considered the best modern belly dancer, Saida Helou.
  • Interview with Yamil Annun, An Argentinian Belly Dancer
    Yamil Annum has created his own dance style and has evolved his specific style of Oriental dance by using the well established foundations of classical Ballet, Ukrainian dance, Ballroom dancing, Celtic dances, Jewish folk-dance, Bhangra, Armenian and Argentinian Tango. His elegance on the stage has revolutionized stages all over Argentina and Latin America.
  • The Critic; Real Critics Don’t Mince Words
    Either we are a sisterhood of ego therapists and our instructors are politically correct in all they say and do—or we are tough artists in search of ways to improve our art form by ruthlessly weeding out the lame from our herd.
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes
    Until we see ourselves in the context of a larger society, no one outside of our community will accord us the respect we desire.
  • Critiquing, the “Agony & The Ecstasy”
    It’s an unnerving experience to be “critiqued”by your peers, but my personal opinion then and now is that when you perform in public, critiquing just goes with the territory of performing.
  • Bellydance Journalism, Rhythm and Reason Series, Article 14
    One powerful tool used to mislead is bellydance journalism.
  • Argentine-Arab Dance and Music Charm Taiwan, Gina Chen promotes Live Music for Local Dancers
    I have to say it is quite different from any other American or Egyptian style choreography I learned before; you almost always keep your feet into ballet position and body weight is relatively higher. The physical dynamic is much exaggerated. I guess this is the Argentine style bellydance and I could see why local dancers are fond of it, owing to the quality of fluidness and lightness, very outward gestures and wonderful live music.
  • A Report on the First International Bellydance Conference of Canada Part 2 – Sunday Club Party
    Live orchestra, Randa, Amir, a packed house and very festive mood. How could it be any better?
  • Gigbag Check #48 with Mesmera on the CK
    We catch Mesmera and a student backstage at the Cairo Carnival 2013 on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. She is getting ready to perform at the "World of Tomorrow" gala show. She hams it up showing us her Isis wings and her lipstick.
  • Dancing for Tourists in Istanbul, A Personal Impression
    Additionally, their friendly and respectful relationship was highlighted when she finished her show, dancing to each instrument separately, and in this way she introduced each of the musicians. Such a relationship between dancer and musicians is not widely seen in today’s restaurant atmosphere… unfortunately.
  • Gigbag Check #47 with Rosa Noreen on the CK
    Rosa Noreen is a belly dancer from Portland Maine. We caught her backstage at the gala show at Cairo Caravan 2013 held on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. She is the newly elected secretary for MECDA- the Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association. She tells us about her costume-"FrankinHoda" and her MAC lipstick.
  • My Favorite Oriental Festival in Turkey, Rakkas Istanbul 2013
    I immediately made new friends and was surprised to find the multi-national composure of our 200+ people crowd – I befriended a dancer from Holland and another from Columbia, although the majority of the dancers were from Japan and other far-east countries.
  • Because I’m Worth It! The Perils of Pricing
    There is a difference between "daring" and "working for free, undercutting other dancers, and misunderstanding the economics of pricing whilst mindlessly genuflecting to celebrity culture."

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