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Photos of

Caravan of Secrets

Co-produced Theatre Production by Zahra Zuhair and Carolyn Krueger

August 15th and 16th, 2009
Electric Lodge Theatre, Venice, California

Photos by Alvin and Fransisca Sugianto
Text by producers Carolyn Krueger and Zahra Zuhair.
posted September 17, 2009

Caravan of Secrets is a co-production featuring two original dance theater works by choreographers Carolyn Krueger and Zahra Zuhair. Caravan of Secrets navigates imaginary landscapes inspired by the cultures and contradictions found among the ancient Silk Roads, Sea Routes and Gypsy Trails of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Carolyn Krueger and I first began working together in 1994 when I was recruiting dancers for a concert with the renowned Egyptian composer, Said Makawi. After the concert, Carolyn asked me to participate in her educational program performing for the Los Angeles Unified School District. The show was titled “Silk and Sand,” featuring traditional dances from the Silk Road and the Arab World.

Carolyn and I have each produced our own theater shows, as well as performed in each other’s productions, but “Caravan of Secrets” was our first collaboration on a full-length theater show. We were happy with the success of the show and look forward to many more years of working together.


Zahra’s "Tapestry"

Zahra Zuhiar’s "TAPESTRY" weaving through the fabric of rare Arabian tales,
a perfumed potion unveils and whimsical array of dance fantasy.


Dance: "The Sorceress and Magical Perfumes,"
Myrna, Nar, Zahra Zuhair (kneeling), Shaunti


Dance: "Fairies Dance,"
Nasila, Myrna, Nar, Farrah, Lailah


Dance: "Tree Melodies,"
Akiko, De Villa, Oceana


Dance: "Birds of a Feather,"
Lailah, Shaunti, Nar, Myrna, Nasila


Dance: "Majnun (Madman),"
Michael Lee


Dance: "Transcendence,"
De Villa, Oceana, Akiko

Spirits of the Garden

Dance: "Spirits of the Garden,"

Zahra Zuhair (front), Shaunti, Lailah, Myrna,
Nar, Farrah (right corner)

Sea Girls

Dance: "Sea Dwellers,"
Akiko, De Villa, Oceana


Dance: "Fishermen,"
Nar, Zahra Zuhair, Myrna


Dance: "Lonely Shores,"
Zahra Zuhair


Carolyn Krueger’s "Crossings"
Carolyn Krueger’s "CROSSINGS" mythical beings journey through the seasons
and across dimensions in a kinetic collage of alchemy and ornament.

Enchanted Dune

Dance: "Enchanted Dune,"
Nikii Henry, Michael Lee

Enchanted Dance

Dance: "Enchanted Dune,"
Nikii Henry, Donna Speckman, Monica Ramos


Dance: "Bamboo I,"
Carolyn Krueger, Sina


Dance: "Bamboo I,"
Carolyn Krueger, Sina


Dance:"Bamboo II,"
Nikii Henry, Monica Ramos, Alexandra Rozo, Donna Speckman

Jane Glaser
Dance: "Missing,"
Jane Glaser

Mountain Ancestors

Dance: "Mountain Ancestors,"
Nikii Henry, Alexandra Rozo


Dance: "Blue Sky,White Wing,"
Michael Lee as Father Blue Sky

Blue Sky

Dance: "Blue Sky, White Wing,"
Nikii Henry as one of the First Flowers

Blue Sky

Dance: "Blue Sky, White Wing,"
Alexandra Rozo as one of the First Flowers



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  1. Barbara Grant

    Sep 20, 2009 - 03:09:47

    Beautiful photography! This seems like it was a great show! I can’t imagine the hard work put in by Zahra and others. It seems like you did a fantastic job!

    All the best,


  2. Barbara Grant

    Sep 22, 2009 - 03:09:49

    Further to my comment above:

    When I see pictures like this, so many, so diverse, such great costuming and lighting effects…I wonder how long the creators had to work to put on a show like this. Was this a year’s worth of effort? More? I’d be interested to hear.



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