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Fesitval Photos, Page 3: K-Q

Rakkasah East Festival 2009

Photographs by Carl Sermon

Event held in October 16,17,& 18, 2009, in Somerset, New Jersey
Posted March 25, 2010

Help with additional names of dancers, musicians and hometowns, are always apreciated!

Page 1: A-C, Page 2: D-J, , Page 3 you are here, Page 4- coming soon!


Kaoru of Maryland


Kinnari of New Jersey

Kismet dance Ensemble

Kismet Dance Ensemble of New York


Latifa and Banat El Bleldi

Latifa and Banat El Beled of Maryland



Lili of New Jersey


Lisa of New Jersey


Luja of New Jersey


Mahalat of New Jersey


Marabesh MIddle East Mystique of Pennsylvania (enlargement)



Mahsati of North Carolina
Mahsati of North Carolina

Ma *Shuqa of Los Altos, Ca

Ma* Shuqa of Los Altos, CA



Mia Naja

Mia Naja Oriental Dance Ensemble of Maryland

Mia Naja




Naheda of Germany


Naimah and Troupe Amandari of Maryland

Nubian Moon Daughters

Nubian Moon Daughters Dance Theatre of New York

Nubian Moon Daughters


Pyramidiva of New York
Pyramidiva of New York

Queens of the Universe

Queens of the Universe of Virginia



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