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Reports From The International Bellydance Conference of Canada

by Gilded Serpent Staff
posted April, 2010

At last we are beginning to bring our readers our promised reports! Check this page frequently for additional video coverage of the International Bellydance Conference of Canada.

This is the third conference produced by Yasmina Ramzy. The first conference was held in 2007 and then in 2008. This year’s conference was complicated by the volcanic eruption in Iceland. The ash clouds grounded flights all over Northern Europe. Attempts were made to rerouted flights through other than Northern European cities to allow international instructors to teach as planned. In the end, Mahmoud Reda, Khairiyya and Shema were not able to attend. Conference organziers attempted to set up alternative means for scholars to participate virtually through the internet remotely from their home locations. This too was unsuccessful. Shema was able to send a video and notes by way of online file transfer prior to the event but not to actually be active in the panel discussion she was to participate in.

Even though the two top stars were not able to attend the conference it was remarkable how quickly the organizers, instructors, scholars and attendees quickly adjusted to the changes. Cassandra was able to help fill in on very short notice and other teachers added classes to their own schedules. The mood and moral was upbeat and no complaints were heard by this observer. Networking and sharing of ideas continued.

This page was set up to allow posting quickly of video reports. The reports may be posted a bit out of order as we await materials from writers and photographers.

As always please let us know if you find errors or omissions.

Lynette (editor)

Wednesday- Opening Night, Thursday Daytime Activities, Thursday Evening Main Stage Performances...
Coverage of previous years is linked at bottom of page under "ready for more".


Day 1-Wednesday Evening Opening Night Gala

Because Gilded Serpent didn’t quite make it to the hall until the show was over, we are very grateful that
Brigid Kelly consented to give us her report from the Wednesday evening performancec. The dance photos overlayed on this video are by Samira Hafezi.

scheduled to perform are:
Mahmoud Reda of Cairo (didn’t make it!), Tamalyn Dallal of Florida, Ranya Renee & COmpany of New York, Habeeba Hodieka Folklore Ensemble of Ontario, Lynette HARPER or British Columbia, Righteous Rougues of Ontario, Mairyah of New York, Shades of Araby of Ontario, Arabesque Allspice of Ontario, Edmonton Bellydance Ensemble, Mayada of Ontario, Amelia of Quebec, Roula Said of Ontario, Serena Kerbes of Alberta, Danielle Davies of Quebec, Ishra of Ontario, Les Trib”elles of Quebec, Mirage of Ontario

Day 2- Thursday Workshops, Panels, and Lectures

scheduled workshops:

Khairiyya Mazin , Amel Tafsout, Sema Yildiz, Delilah, Mahmoud Reda
Scheduled Lectures and Panels:
Aurora Ongaro lectures on The Anatomy of Bellydance, Dr Sawa- Rhythmic Notation for Bellydancers ,
Panel on Feminism & BD led by Andrea Deagon, Shira– Mass Media, Mass Stereotypes

Thursday Night on the Main Stage

scheduled to perform are:

Amar, Cairo Ala Nar, Dahab, Denai’s Dancers, Dina & Sayed, Edmonton Bellydance Ensemble, Ethereal Tribal, Flor Coelho, Ioana & Haifa, Laura Selenzi, Maha, Maki Natori, Maria Shazadi, Michelle Marinho, Rosanna McGuire, Shema, Sultanettes, Tasnim

Day 3- Friday Workshops, Panels, and Lectures

comings soon!

scheduled workshops:
Hadia, Sera Solstice, Khairiyya Mazin , Jillina, Sema Yildiz,
Scheduled Lectures and Panels:
Meiver De La Cruz, Amel Tafsout, Mahmoud Reda, Panel on Body Image,

Friday Night on the Main Stage

scheduled to perfrom are:

Akimi, Ala Nar, Ashira, Daluah, Danza Della Luna, Earth Shakers, Ebony Qualls, LauraBellydance, Maryfer, Monique Ryan, Raqs Sahara,
Roshana Nofret, Sa’Diyya, Sabaya, Sarah Skinner, Sofia & Chanty, Tribe Maya Fire

Day 4- Saturday Workshops, Panels, and Lectures

comings soon!

scheduled workshops:
Delilah, Mahmoud Reda, Sera Solstice, Hadia, Amel Tafsout
Scheduled Lectures and Panels:
Dr Sawa, Khairiyya Mazin, Panel on Globalization of BD, Sami Abu Shumays

Saturday Gala Performance at Ryerson Theatre

scheduled to perform are:
Khairiyya Mazin, Sema Yildiz, Jillina, Hadia, Amel Tafsout, Sera Solstice, Delilah, Yasmina Ramzy, Arabesque Dance Company & Orchestra,

Rany Renee & Company, Habeeba Hobeika Egyptian Folklore Dance Company, Zikrayat

Day 5- Sunday Workshops, Panels, and Lectures

comings soon!

scheduled workshops:
Jillina, Sema Yildiz, Yasmina Ramzy, Mahmoud Reda, Khairiyya Mazin,
Scheduled Lectures and Panels:
Mahmoud Reda, Panel- Cultural Appropriation, Tamaly Dallal

Sunday Closing Night Party at Acrobat Restaurant & Lounge

comings soon!

Scheduled to perfrom are:
Bassam Bishara, Sulieman Warwar, George Barbas, Walid Najjar, Milad El-Zaher, Eddy Suleiman


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