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The Drum Solo Category

Photos from the 20th Annual BDUC 2010

Photos by Carl Sermon
posted January 7, 2011

The Belly Dancer of the Universe Competion is produced by Tonya and Atlantis in mid February each year.
This is the 20th year and was held in the Long Beach Convention Center.

Here are the contestants caught during the Drum Solo Category.


Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition

Belly Dancer of the Universe #21 coming soon!
February 18-21, 2011 in Long Beach California

Witness this year’s event with Gilded Serpent as Amir Sofi tests the
Universal and Egyptian category contestants with a live drum solo!

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  • 12-25-10 20th Annual BDUC 2010 Photos: Category Winners! Photos by Carl Sermon
    Here are the champions of each category from the various contests held throughout the weekend. Gina, Dilek, Rachel, Katya, Jane, Melanie, Mireya, Roxanne, Viridiana, Wiiz
  • 12-7-10 Photos from the 20th Annual BDUC 2010 Saturday Night’s Judges Celebrity Show, Photos by Carl Sermon
    This is the 20th year and was held in the Long Beach Convention Center. Saturday night’s show featured all the workshop teachers and the judges for the many competions. More of Carl’s lovely photos from the competitions are yet to come!
  • 1-5-11 Gaining Respect for Bellydance Artists, Ask Yasmina #15 by Yasmina Ramzy
    The following is a kind of “manifesto” or set of guidelines that Bellydancers could follow that might help contribute to our community of artists in gaining respect
  • 1-3-11 I am Become Pure, Destroyer of Dreams, the Belly Dance Police by Zorba
    The fact of the matter is, nothing in the universe is constant: except change. "Inauthenticity" becomes "authenticity" over space/time – and vice versa.
  • 12-28-10 Sahra Goes to Egypt, Follow Your Dreams by Amina Goodyear
    Getting to know Sahra through the years I came to realize that all her richness and wealth was in her commitment to the dance and to the culture adjoining it. Like many artists, in many fields, she sacrificed for her art and she was always trying to find ways to share her art, her knowledge and her love of Egypt, dance and music.
  • 12-16-10 Dance for Dancers by Leila Farid
    Art created for other artists will evolve differently from art created for the masses.
  • 12-14-10 Tribal Fusion: An Evolving Dance Form by Jasmine June
    The biggest contrast between ATS and Tribal Fusion was that improvisation was the basis for ATS while Tribal Fusion, at least in its earliest phase, had a strong emphasis in choreography. This allowed Jill Parker to play around with musicality and to explore musical genres that were appealing to her.
  • 12-8-10 Cecilia of the Bellydance Superstars, Gigbag Check #25
    Cecilia of Argentina shows us her makeup kits and talks about how dancing with BDSS is fulfilling her dream. Brief glimpses of Cecilia dancing with the company. Filmed February 2009 at Marin Civic Auditoriu
  • 12-3-09 Division Champs of the Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition 2009, photos by Carl Sermon
    This contest is one of the first in the Belly Dance community and includes many categories covering different age groups, various styles and specialties.
  • 11-26-08 Bellydancer of the Universe Competition 2008, photos by Carl Sermon
    held in Long Beach, California, on February 18 & 19, 2008, produced by Tonya and Atlantis
  • 1-8-2010 Jillina Advances Dance Theatre, A Review of Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution,
    by Kristina Nekyia, photos by Carl Sermon

    Bellydance Evolution is a full-length theatrical event directed by dancer and choreographer Jillina, ushering belly dance into the world of dance theater. The production is a melding of narrative with a wide variety of traditional and cutting-edge Middle Eastern dance and music. I saw the dress rehearsal of Bellydance Evolution when it debuted in Glendale, California in August, 2009.
  • 7-5-10-Carnival of Stars, Performers L – Z Photos by Carl Sermon
    Latifa, Leyla Lanty, Lulu, Mahsati, Maila, MaShuqa, Monica, Monifa, Naiya Halal, Nera Brent, Pepper, Raks Al Khalil, Raska a Diva, Raks Hakohaveen, Robyn Lovejoy, Safiyah, Sarah Horbeein, Shadha, Shaunte, Sister Sirens, Sukara, Surreyya, Tanja, Tatseena, Tera Lynda, Trish …
  • 6-27-10 Carnival of Stars, Performers A – J Photos by Carl Sermon
    Adriana, Ahava, April, Alexandria’s Ghawazee, Aruba, Asia, Asura Noor, Becca, Birute, Cathy Guthrie, Cheryl, John Stanley, Crystal, Dahlena, Dancers of the Crescent Moon, Danse Maghreb, Daughters of the Pharoah, Dunia, Elizabther, Ena, Esperanza, Evil Eye, Ghanima, Hala, Heather, Jamara, Jawahare, Jewels
  • 12-6-10 Moria of BDSS and her Silver Jewelry, Gigbag Video
    Moria the dancing nomad, shows us her precious silver bracelets that she handpicked in India herself. She tells of almost losing them at the airport because they counted them as weapons! Zoe and Samantha also visible in this collage. Also included are parts of Moria’s drum solo with Hassam. Filmed February 2009 at Marin Civic Auditorium

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