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DVD review of Bozenka’s ¨Journey of a Dancer¨


by Martha Duran
posted October 17, 2011

"Journey of a dancer" is a compilation of 8 different performances of Bozenka (from 2000 to 2005)  who, in fact, performs 99.9% improvised work. Great songs and lovely costumes are portrayed by this Latin Bellydancer who demonstrated mastery over the stage. She shows strong technique within a variety of combinations and dance steps, using zills, Isis wings, and double veil. These are some of the dance elements that give life to wonderful choreographed pieces. Egyptian styled Bellydancing, as well as Oriental and Latin Fusion compliment performances by this Miami Oriental dancer and teacher; it’s a pity that the lighting was not very good.

As a result, it seems as if you were sitting right there, as part of the audience, showering the dancer with applause. Intricate drum solos are one of the main highlights of this performance collection in which she layers movement over movement.

Layering makes this dancing interesting to watch– almost every second of it!

One of the performances was very familiar to me: it was the double veil performance that was a choreographed dance she had taught in 2005 for a series of workshops she presented around the US. This caused me wonder: she states she improvises 99.9% of the time she performs, but how does she improvise her work while she performs on stage (if she likes it, she memorizes it?) and teaches it later in her workshops? Or does she improvise while teaching a class or workshop, and if she likes it, then she takes it to the stage?

This DVD is oriented to fans of her lovely intricate style of Bellydancing, and it should be promoted as a DVD that contains some of the choreographed works taught in past workshops. I’ll bet the students would love that; I know I would!

3 zil rating
Rating:  3 zils

Purchase info: Bozenka’s online store

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