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"Fantasy Bellydance: Magic DVD" by World Dance New York


by Martha Duran
posted September 17, 2012

This is a distinguished DVD for bellydancers by World Dance New York. It is the last DVD from the instructional series Bellydance Fantasy. In this specific DVD, called “Magic” you will find 3 short choreographies targeted for intermediate to advanced level dancers. They are based on three stories or characters in myths that each dancer attempts to portray in their choreographies. This DVD is a good choice for dancers who are more into ritual, sacred, experimental, and related fusion forms of belly dance.

“Enchantress” is a highly skilled performance by Autumn Ward. She is very musical with her dance as well as her finger cymbal playing. Everything is integrated right down to her facial expression. Although she doesn’t teach you how to integrate the cymbals to the choreography, she is extremely detailed in describing each movement to the music "Garden Play" by Earthbeat. I loved the mesmerizing finger cymbals that Autumn Ward performs along with unusual fusion music. It is not mainstream belly dance music. It felt Celtic, new-age, or modern, though it starts with a dumbek. The other pieces I didn’t like as much as this music.

“The Warrior Princess” is performed by Isidora Bushkovski. This dancer also incorporates martial arts with her sword dance which makes it a more fierce style of sword dancing. Isidora shares some useful tips on sword dancing. She selected "Circle" by Solace. She blows you away with her skill, talent, and dancing grace. However, the combination of the music and her choreography weren’t as good. I thought the choreography was a little too intense for the music selected. I felt that the music was more appropriate for ATS (American Tribal Style).

“Kali” is a complex tribal choreography by Ariellah. Ariellah performed an easier choreo compared to the others, to music I didn’t like as much. It’s a song by Corvus Corax’s Fili Neihardii. Ariellah talks about facial expression and personality. She details what facial expressions go with each step and music. Her dancing is more fluid and precise, making it a more ‘liquid’ tribal style.

You can watch and learn quality dancing from these unique performers. It’s not often you bump into a choreography DVD that teaches you complete choreographies to new and inspiring music which is easy to get or that practices over and over the steps and combinations taught. The dancers explain each step very clearly. The instruction is straightforward and easy to understand. It gives a lot of valuable tips for sword isolations, execution of movements and projection accompanied by interesting music selection. The production and lighting are very good quality. If tribal or gothic bellydance is your genre, this DVD is a must.

Rating: 4 zils
Zil Rating- 4


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