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Carl Captures Character

Rakkasah Festival East 2008
Saturday Dancers L-Z

Photos by Carl Sermon

October 18, 2008,
Ukrainian Cultural Center, Somerset, New Jersey
posted May 31, 2009

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Caption corrections for each dancer appreciated.


Latifa and Banat al Beledi

Latifa and Banat Al Beled of Severna Park, MD, here and below


Leena of New York, NY
Lil Boy
Little Boy
of Open Floor


Lotus Niraja
Lotus Niraja &
of Washington DC, here and below
Lotus Niraja's Troupe
Mahalat of Little York, New Jersey

Mahira Tribe
Mahira Tribe of Runneymede, NJ

Mahrabesh Middle Eastern Mystique

Mahrabesh & Middle East Mystique of Spring Mount, PA

Majestic Hips
Majestic Hips* of Huntington, NY
Malweh of ?
Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan of Los Gatos, CA
Mayumi Yamagish of ?
Nabila Nazen of New York, NY
Naheda of Germany
Natica's Poeteic Dance Theatre
Natica‘s Poetic Dance Theater of Richmond, CA: Shukriya, Sara, Richard, Cindy, Fatima, Natica, here and several below
? and Cindy
Natica and Richard
Nixies of New Jersey
Pat sings like a rock star!
Pat of Pangia of Mt Shasta, CA
sings for his fans
Rakset el Leyla
Rakset el Layla of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
Raqqsaset Zikrayat
Raqqaset Zirayat of New York, NY, here and below
Raqqaset Zikrayat
Raqqaset Zikrayat
Raqs Caravan East in above photo and Raqs Caravan West below of Ami, Washington, DC
Raqqaset Zikrayat
Safiya of Annnapolis and Scott Wilson of NY?
Sahibat of Holyoke, MA
Saqra of Seattle, WA
Raqqaset Zikrayat
Sera and Soltice of New York, NY
Sirena* of Annapolis MD
Sonziry* of New York, NY
Raqqaset Zikrayat
Suhaila Dance Company of Berkeley
Raqqaset Zikrayat
Surayyah of Orefield, PA
Raqqaset Zikrayat
Tauta of
Urban Oasis
Urban Oasis of Long Island, NY
Raqqaset Zikrayat
Yala Iana* of ?, here and below
Raqqaset Zikrayat
Yasime of North Carolina?

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  1. Makeda Maysa

    Jun 12, 2009 - 10:06:45

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures!  I would just like to point out that Lotus Niraja and The NDC are based in Baltimore, MD.  Thanks again!

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