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2 Instructional DVDs: Unprofessional or Homespun?

“The Basics With Outi” & “Step-By-Step Bellydance”


A Review by Elianae
posted February 12, 2013

The two DVDs that I received for review and comparison for Gilded Serpent were by a group and individual with whom I was unfamiliar. In fact, I had never heard of either one. The first one was “The Basics with Outi”. Outi is a dancer from Finland who currently resides in Cairo, Egypt. The second was “Step-By-Step Bellydance” by Hips, Inc. from the UK. Both had their strong points, but  in my opinion, were fraught with significant problems also.

Outi DVD

“The Basics With Outi”

Surprisingly, this DVD was produced by Michelle Joyce of Cheeky Girls Productions, although this title is not listed under that label. Nevertheless, as such, I expected a high level of professionalism in the recording, and for the most part, I was not disappointed. The main menu was divided into 9 accessible sections, but once I chose the beginning, I had to turn my volume up high to hear Outi talk. The lighting and camera work were acceptable, however, and Outi did a thorough job describing simple, basic movements, such as: Hip Circles, Figure Eights, Camels, Snake Arms, and Tummy Rolls.

I did, however, find her pace to be exceedingly slow and a bit tedious. Sometimes Outi would talk for almost 7 minutes about a movement, with no music, before you would actually practice the movement with her. In fact, I counted 14 m

inutes from the introduction until the first movement practice session. This combined with Outi’s heavy accent, and the poor sound quality, made it a bit boring for me.  Also, I found her loose Egyptian style a bit too untrained for my personal liking and noticed, when doing movements, she constantly rolled her left wrist, and raised her arms, when they were extended to her sides, almost to eye-level.

Nonetheless, one great selling point about this DVD is that dancers are introduced to all the different rhythms that traditionally accompany the movements. The Masmoudi rhythm was demonstrated for Hip Circles, as the Maqsoum was for Figure Eights. Also included in the DVD price that I believe is around $29, was a downloadable CD of all the rhythms used in class. At the end, she teaches a simple choreography that she performed, live, at a restaurant. I found her pronounced lip-synching to the song unnecessarily distracting, but I know that some audiences appreciate a dancer’s knowledge of the song.

If you’re looking for a workout, this is not the DVD for you, but all things considered, for a beginner dancer who has had limited access to outside teachers but still wants a lesson in Egyptian dance and culture, I think this would be a decent DVD.

This product is available for purchase Studio Henna here and Studio Dum Tek here

Rating: 2 zills
Zil Rating- 2


Charlotte's DVD

“Step-By-Step Bellydance”

This is a double DVD set by a dance school called Hipsinc. in the UK. This set is divided into combinations for beginners in the first DVD, and more advanced students in the second.

First of all, let me tell you the most upsetting part of this product: this DVD would not play in my Blu-Ray player at all. It claims to be suitable for all regions, but it did not play. This is a thwarting drawback!  However, I did get it to play in my computer. The second major drawback was–once I got it to play in my computer, I had to fast-forward through each of the sections, and could not skip to the next. Annoyingly, each DVD played like a VHS tape, and I had trouble navigating it. The sound quality was fair, though a little spotty, and the production seemed somewhat homespun.

After I got over these irritating major technical problems, however, I quite enjoyed the combinations and technique presented. I found all of the teachers to be knowledgeable, and the combinations to be cute, useful, and satisfying for Western cabaret-style Belly dance. I especially loved the drilling sections, in which they would repeat a combination with you for at least 7 or 8 minutes continuously before moving on to the next one.  They also briefly touched on rhythms, and had an intriguing section of Gothic-Tribal and Street-Tribal fusion dance, in which, although a bit too hip-hop for my taste, the instructor was noticeably skilled. 

At the end, they showed the instructors performing in full costume, and even brought the camera crew out. It was obvious that this homespun DVD was really a labor of love for all those involved. (Oddly, they dedicated the production to Princess Farhana who is still very much alive.) I found it interesting that both DVDs were supported by (or dedicated to) American dancers. I rate this DVD as low as I do only for its obvious technical problems, as those cannot be ignored.

This product is available for purchase from the Hipsinc here.

Rating:  2.5 zils 
2.5 zil rating

Out of the two productions, I preferred the second one, but technical problems cannot be ignored! However, why not be the judge and compare them both for yourself?

Notes & Resources:
  • Author’s bio page
  • Ed note: The "Step by Step" DVD did play on my 2012 Macbook Pro, Sophia’s Asus laptop, and my son’s Xbox. The DVD did not work on our Samsung Blu-Ray DVD player connected to our TV.

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  1. Charlotte Desorgher

    Feb 21, 2013 - 02:02:50

    I’m really glad the reviewer enjoyed the content of by Step By Step Combinations DVD but I’m a bit upset and confused by the ‘technical problems’ that have caused it to have such a low rating.
    It doesn’t say anywhere on the DVD that it’s Blu-ray compatible. As the review says, it states it is a DVD suitable for all regions. And indeed it is! It’s not a Blu-ray disc and doesn’t pretend to be. So to be marked down for not being something it doesn’t say it is, seems very unprofessional of the reviewer to be honest.
    And, as for not being able to fast forward through the chapters. The DVD is set up the way we expected most dancers to use it – you go to the menu and choose a combination. Click on the menu and you are taken to that combination. First there’s a teaching section, then a section to drill it through. You can choose which one you go to or do both.
    You can then continue on to the next combination, or use the menu button on your handset (or your computer program) to take you back to the menu to choose another one. It might not be the way a reviewer watches an instructional DVD but I’m pretty sure it’s the way most people would want to use it.
    But I can’t for the life of me understand why the reviewer didn’t even look for a menu control when she was reviewing it. She must have seen there was a menu because it’s right at the beginning of the disc!
    I really don’t mind negative reviews. But I’m actually really proud of this DVD, I’ve had great feedback about the content and the warmth of the teaching – and indeed this reviewer says the content is good. But to be marked down for technical shortcomings when the reviewer clearly hasn’t read the pack information or bothered to use the menu is, I think, pretty harsh.

  2. Rasha Nour

    Feb 22, 2013 - 09:02:26

    I own the Outi DVD, and haven’t found the sound, or her accent, to be a problem at all. Maybe it’s a little quiet, but it only takes a second to turn your speakers up!
    I got the impression that this one was more of a reference guide than a class to do all at once, and as that, it’s quite useful. There is also an option to just play through all the practise sections without any of the talking, which would make a pretty good drill session.

  3. Elianae

    Jun 7, 2013 - 08:06:47

    Hello, everyone, and thank you for reading my reviews.
    I am sorry that many have been hurt or upset about my reviews. I was told to be honest and critical, and view each product with unbiased eyes. I think every product has merit, and “The Basics With Outi” and “Step-By-Step Bellydance” are no exception. However, I was commissioned for this work to find the many positive aspects, but also any potential drawbacks, as well. Of Course, no product will be perfect in every way to everyone in the world. My commentary is merely one opinion out of many, and never to be taken personally. I invite all the readers of my or anyone else’s reviews to purchase the item if so interested, or get a second opinion, and make your own judgment call. Thanks for reading.

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