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Game review by Davina ~ Dawn Devine
posted December 17, 2012

Wanna fun belly dance diversion for you and the favorite little girl in your life? Check out! In a nutshell, this site offers an interactive digital paper-doll experience. The interface is easy to use. Simply click on the wardrobe component your are interested in using and it appears on the accompanying doll. This website is vast, with lots of collections for women, teens and girls. From high fashion designers to Disney fantasies, there is a wide variety of clothing and costumes to explore. Each collection is called a "game" on the site and registered users can create their own collections for a fee. Visitors to the site can explore and play with hundreds of games.

Tucked into the "girls" side of the i-dressup site is a collection of belly dance costumes. It’s a fun little collection that features some of the most classic belly dance styles. There are a handful of head to toe ensembles including bra, belt and skirt with matching accessories. However, a creative user can mix and match these individual pieces to create a variety of different looks. There are no traditional or tribal costumes, but if you are feeling creative you can sign-up to this site and create your own collection to suit your costuming taste. If you do, let us know so we can share it with the world.

i-Dressup is a creative and fun digital fantasy world where you can play at being a designer, stylist or shopper. If you enjoy playing with paper dolls, this is an entertaining diversion. This is especially fun if you’re playing with a young girl and don’t mind spending some cash. You’re required to pay i-coins to build and save a game for others to view, but playing already built games is free. Beware! If you love paper dolls, you might wind up spending quite a bit of time here!
Be ready to turn off your speakers, because the music sucks!


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