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Photos from the Zulu Lounge

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May 3rd 2013 at the famous El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, California

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Text and captions by Jillina
posted July 18, 2013

Below are a few highlight photos by  from the Zulu Lounge show held May 3, 2013 in Los Angles, California. The show was produced by dancer Khani Zulu and her husband, tattoo artist Zulu, at the swanky El Rey theater. The show’s theme was "La Nuit d’Absinthe" which inspired artists to be creative with their pieces. Whether they wore green, used French music, or performed  with glow sticks to create a hallucinogenic effect, each performer had  a unique way of interpreting the theme.

L.A. is home to many creative fusion dancers and musical guest Fishtank Ensemble. This rich diversity was well represented at the Zulu Lounge.

Upon arrival to the theater we were greeted by drummers  Donavon Lerman, Faisal Zedan, Sean Krempa, and Marcos Ferrando in foyer. There were fairies and other elaborate dancers throughout the theater which created a cool circus atmosphere. The show was sprinkled with solos, trios, and group pieces showcasing a great diversity such as ITS, Tribal Fusion, French Can Can and Flamenco.


The swanky El Rey Theater


Producers Khani and Zulu

Producers Khani and Zulu

Mandala Dance Works

Mandala Dance Works

Fishtank Ensemble

Jenn Aguilar of Red Moon Dance Company  doing a zombie piece
Jenn Aguilar of Red Moon Dance Company doing a zombie piece

Heather Shopman, Susan Frankovich ( not sure name of the other 2 dancers) fusion piece" Half man half woman"
Heather Shopman, Susan Frankovich (not sure name of the other 2 dancers) perform a fusion piece- "Half man, half woman"

Flamenco star Arleen Hurtado
Flamenco star Arleen Hurtado

Lauren Boldt, Stefanie Bernhard, Aubre Hill, Ariel Kasha

Lauren Boldt, Stefanie Bernhard, Aubre Hill, Ariel Kasha

Susan Frankovich w/ bass player from Fishtank Ensemble
Susan Frankovich w/ bass player from Fishtank Ensemble

Zulu MC for "Voodoo Ritual"
Zulu MC for "Voodoo Ritual"

Olu opening the "Voodoo Ritual"
Olu opening the "Voodoo Ritual"

Entropy Arts with glowing double staff dance  (Jenn Biswas and Diana Cimamadore)
Entropy Arts with glowing double staff dance (Jenn Biswas and Diana Cimamadore)

Calamity Sam Tribal soloist
Calamity Sam, Tribal soloist

Les Petites Bonbons trio  (Michaella Manning, Hannah Trimbath, Molly Morgan)
Les Petites Bonbons trio (Michaella Manning, Hannah Trimbath, Molly Morgan)

Michaella Manning of Les Petites Bonbons
Michaella Manning of Les Petites Bonbons




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